Desiree Perez, The Great Negotiator

If you want a good negotiator, try Perez, the Roc Nation’s Rock. Desiree Perez is a 47-year-old lady. She has been the Chief Operations Officer of Roc Nation since 2009. She is well known for her skill in negotiating as a music producer. The Sprint’s 200 dollars’ investment in Tidal paid off after five months when JAY-Z released his 14th Billboard 200, number one album.

The MC earned a plaque before the official release of the album due to offering a free download to one million people. Desiree Perez has since worked closely with JAY-Z, and resume her.

Des’ ability to crunch numbers in the music industry, as a producer, is very commendable. She is a very fierce and tough negotiator in music. Perez negotiated Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium and played a big role in the Samsung deal, for Rihanna. Desiree is involved with a group that manages and controls Roc Nation. This mass plays the roles of labeling and publishing. It also controls the forces behind Tidal. By name, it is called the Hova Circle of Influence. There are a few more individuals that are members of this circle of influence. They include Ty Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown and Chaka Pilgrim, and

Perez has done excellent work in ensuring the growth and manifestation of the large business. She happens to be self-driven and determined to ensure the success of the business as well as upcoming artists. Her long experience in the music industry has enabled her to know how to bring great prosperity to not only Tidal but also artists such as Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Rihanna through producing giant and unique album exclusives. She has helped attract new investors to Roc Nation over the years, and more information click here.

Four Tips On How You Can Expand Ecommerce Personalization For Your Customer Online


Personalizing a customer’s shopping trip is easy in the brick and mortar stores. Brick and mortar stores have a brand they adhere to. Their brand includes everything from the dress code and greeting to the training. According to Sentient AI, ecommerce personalization is much harder to achieve. Ecommerce personalization might be hard, but not impossible to do.

1) Your brand needs to be reached across all platforms. Customers want their online retailers to respond to them as soon as they need something. According to Sentient AI, that also includes social media. You need to go where your customers are.

2) It sounds cliche, but you need to give your customers what they want. That can be achieved online, you just have to know what questions to ask. Does your customer want to be pampered? Does your customer want to be greeted when they visit your online store? Once you ask the right questions, you will know how to give your customers what they want.

3) You need to tailor some of your products online to specific customers. That can be challenging when you do not know what they want. That is why you need to ask the right questions. Find out what your audience wants. You cannot tailor your products to a one-size-fits-all fit anymore. Your customers are tired of it.

Do you see shopping patterns with your return customers? Tailor some of your new products to them. Do you want them to apply for a credit card? Every customer needs a different pitch. Find out how to convince those customers and move forward. The worst they will do is say “no”.

4) You need to give them a reason to check you out. Customers are looking at more videos. Videos are appealing on many levels. Videos tell a story. Story-telling is part of the engagement process.

Customers view things differently. You need to reach out to those who are impaired or disabled too. Showing subtitles with your videos is one way to engage your customers in a positive way.


Customers take in their information at different times. Some customers take longer than others to process things. You need to take that into consideration. We are living in a new day and time. Customers are looking for new ways to be entertained. Your job is to come up with a plan for ecommerce personalization that keeps them from getting bored.

Daniel Taub: Unifying Israelis in the United Kingdom

Daniel Taub is one of the most unforgettable ambassadors of Israel to the United Kingdom. He has religiously protected the rights of the Israelis who are always being attacked in the United Kingdom, and he drafted resolutions and agreements with the British government to protect them. One of the events that Daniel Taub would always remember is when he visited the city of Bradford. He was invited by several Israeli counselors and citizens to the city, and they have spoken about the current situation in the city and the condition of the Israelis living inside. One of the MPs in the city of Bradford declared that the city is an Israeli-Free Zone and that no one who is from Israel will be welcomed inside the city. Daniel Taub was informed about what the of the MP Representative stated, and he only brushed it off, saying that the people of the city of Bradford are too hospitable and accommodating to be represented by an anti-Semitic MP Representative. He then posed a picture outside the city hall holding his passport and even hoisted a flag, showing that whatever negative statement the MP Representative would say, the Israelis should not be concerned because of the rights and protection bestowed upon them by the government of the United Kingdom.


Protecting his people from discrimination and harm is the priority of Daniel Taub. When he is not working with the minister for culture, education, and trade, he would always try to make some time visiting his fellow Israelis on communities scattered across the United Kingdom. He wanted to make sure that the Israelis are living safely, and they have access to basic life necessities. Daniel Taub is also spearheading cultural exchanges with the British, sending school children from Israel to the United Kingdom and letting them experience the British culture. British students, on the other hand, are taking a trip to Israel to understand their history.


Daniel Taub also focused on improving the bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Israel. He persuaded Israeli entrepreneurs to go to the United Kingdom and open up a business, selling the British people unique products that they haven’t seen before. The trade and export between the two states also improved under his leadership, and the annual revenue produced from the bilateral trade reached $5.5 billion. With Daniel Taub already leaving the post, many are left questioning whether the next ambassador would be able to top what he has already done. Learn more:





The Thoughts Of Vijay Eswaran Regarding Startups And Corporate Environments

According to Vijay Eswaran of the QI Group, institutions of higher learning should not be encouraging graduates to become job seekers, but rather job creators. He believes students should receive inspiration to create employment, and take risks. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

He stated thinking conservatively lead to students to find a job instead of gaining work experience by going out on their own. During a forum at Universiti Malaya, Vijay Eswaran spoke of the rapid pace of the world, how robotics and automation are taking over due to artificial intelligence, and the growth of the population. He talked about how the Japanese, South Koreans, Taiwanese, and Chinese create jobs and become their own bosses.

The advice of Vijay Eswaran is for all individuals seeking their first job to find a post matching their qualifications. He believes this choice may be between an established firm, and a startup company. He advises people to carefully consider the cons and pros of both environments in terms of preferences and personality.

Vijay Eswaran understands this is not easy and there are always new complaints. He does feel a basic understanding of a business’s life and development cycle from corporate to startup is worthwhile.

When Vijay Eswaran began, he wanted his students to be both team members and leaders. He felt they should use their ideas and see them through.

Vijay Eswaran believes the beauty of startups is there is no delegation, and students must remember this when they work for a startup. He perceives this as shouldering their visions with a psychological contract.

He additionally shared his experiences regarding the fast pace of a startup, the consistent changes, amount of action, and free communication in comparison to the corporate environments slower pace and structure. He believes considering all the factors are critical towards achieving goals.

He stated some people work better in a consistently evolving environment with a different mentality, while others flourish with methodical goals in a more structured environment. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies and Vijay Eswaran | Professional Profile – LinkedIn

In his opinion, both environments are equal, and depend on the work style, personality, and specific needs of the individual. The choice must be made in the best interests of the individuals career.

WCS is the Best Line of Defense Against Contraband Cell Phone Access

Prisoners view cell phones as an excellent opportunity to get whatever they wish while behind bars. Yet, it’s impossible to determine a criminal’s motives after cell phone access. Recent events display a criminal named Jose Ariel Rivera accessing the cell phone’s camera to film himself holding a knife. Afterward, the video goes on Facebook Live. He films another Facebook video threatening an inmate. Robert Johnson, a now-former corrections officer, was shot six times in his house after blocking $50,000 worth of cell phones from entering the prison. The suspect, Sean Echols, received a call to kill him from a contraband cell phone. Echols was charged and convicted of attempted murder. Nine-month-old Kendarius Edwards was killed as revenge. The suspect received the message on a contraband cell phone.


Therefore, it’s illegal for criminals to use cell phones to access the outside world. Any phone smuggled in prison becomes contraband. Securus Technologies have fought against contraband cell phones, and now we have found a way to stop it. The program successfully prevented 1.7 million contrabands from gaining wireless reception.


Securus invented Wireless Containment Solutions, a program that detects and prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to the outside. Specifically, the program creates a third-party antenna barrier between the contraband cell phone and the wireless connection. Government numbers like 911 and non-emergency numbers along with approved phone numbers from staff will go through. Securus’ controlled wireless network and internet connection will block unauthorized calls. Even if prisons can’t eliminate contraband cell phones, at least there’s relief knowing these cell phones are worthless without reception.


Wireless Containment Solutions, or WCS, is attracting two parties to the fray. The FCC is teaming up with us to stop contraband cell phone access by reducing paperwork and requiring cell phone carriers to cooperate with correctional facilities. The man mentioned earlier, Robert Johnson, is also teaming up with us to stop cell phone access in prison. He is a consultant for Securus in his native Florida. We are proud to team up with both Johnson and the FCC to make correctional facilities and the outside world safer.


Jeff Yastine And His Analysis On Cyberattacks

There are so many things you can read online about Jeff Yastine. In fact, you might end up enervated and burdened by all the articles you may need to scan to know the essentials of what’s going on with Jeff Yastine. Doing so could consume a lot of your valuable time. That’s why we have this article here for you to know the basics of Jeff without overburdening you with noise. In this article, we will try to offer you a recap of the latest report that Jeff wrote on his Medium web page. So shall we start?

The Recap

In essence, one of the latest articles of Jeff that he wrote on his Medium page talked about how no one and nothing is safe from cyber attacks. One of the deleterious attacks today happened in Bangladesh, which ruined the central banking system of the country What the attack did was it infiltrated the data of the banking system and sold the data to malicious people who want to use the bank’s data to do international money transfers.

It was also in the article the analysis of Jeff about how the banks need to always regularly update their firewall and database protection, so they won’t experience an attack again. Cyberattack is one of the most serious threats in any company, and the analysis of Jeff Yastine in his article showed a lot of discussion for a need for companies to always find a way to encrypt their files. There’s also a lot of discussion in the Medium article about how a non-profit group Sheltered Homes has all the solutions that companies need to protect their data.

About Jeff Yastine

The one important thing you probably need to know about Jeff Yastine is that he’s right now the editor of Total Wealth Insider. It means that he’s the behind many of the consultancy messages and editorial thinkpieces of the publishing house. It is also the achievement of Mr. Jeff Yastine to be able to the editorial director in 2015 of Banyan Hill Publishing. It’s also under him that many of the investors he advised got all the achievements and target goals that they wanted.

Another achievement of Jeff Yastine was that he’s able to become the market investor and the leading journalist about financial events in the time when there was a lot happening in the world economic markets. Truly, Jeff Yastine is one of the prominent writers right now who have been able to expand themselves in the finance industry, which isn’t an easy thing to do. Learn more:



Joel Friant: Taste the Comeback of the Original Habanero Shaker

In the business of product development, numerous factors come in handy to make a successful business and a renowned product line. It takes more than just the usual sales and marketing endeavors or the demand and supply hypotheses. The brains behind a great product have to be exceptionally imaginative, flowing with money-spinning ideas that are bound to be a movement
in the free market industry. Joel Friant, a seasoned entrepreneur who has a knack for business acumen understands this concept very well. Not only is he a product developer accredited with creating Original Habanero Shaker; Joel Friant is also a specialist in real estate. After taking time to study a broad-spectrum of success instigators, he came up with an incredible concept known as “The Income Thermostat”.

Since 1995 when Joel Friant went into the restaurant industry, business has never been better. He was successful with the

introduction and establishment of the Thai cuisine, in the form of fast food and this got him well known as the Thai guy. Shortly after, he created the flavorsome and scrumptious pepper known as Habanero Shaker. Joel Friant himself loves Habanero pepper and could not find in the markets Habanero that were not mixed up with all kinds of stuff like salt and spices. So he decided to come up with one and make it 100% Habanero. The Habanero pepper is commonly mistaken to be unbearably hot, but Joel Friant affirms that when served in a dried shaker design, all its flavors come through. Habanero pepper has no match in the market, and even medical researchers found out at least five health benefits when it comes to the use of chili pepper. The Original Habanero Shaker has made a tremendous comeback in the market due to widely held demand and it is definably making a lasting impression, both in the mouth and the market as well.

AvaTrade Review: Should You Trust This Broker

When you are trading for making a profit or you are trading to gain a wealth for retirement, trading can be a hard task. There are so many different aspects of trading such as platforms, brokers, numbers, graphs, and predictions from different people and organizations that it can be very hard to understand it all and to use it to your advantage so that you have the best possible chance of gaining a profit in today’s financial markets. There are hundreds of platforms out there, some small and some big, that allow traders to make trades in different markets such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and others, but some are great and some are not so great. When it comes to your hard earned money, it can be hard to find a platform that really cares about the investors. This is where AvaTrade comes in. AvaTrade review states they are a well known and respected trading platform that gives the investors the best chance to make the correct decisions and earn a profit because they provide a great range of investments, easy to use website, and great security.

The website of AvaTrade is built for every type of trader – from day traders trying to gain a profit every day to traders that are trying to build wealth for retirement. The website is very easy to look at the information and graphs and is very secure. AvaTrade makes sure that they have one of the most secure platforms because they know that trader is using their own money to fund their investments. AvaTrade is really known for forex trading and CFD trading, and their platform shows why. The website is great for beginners because it shows all the information in a simple way and really does a great job of presenting the graphs and numbers in a way that is not confusing.

You need a website and a platform that actually cares about the investors and want to see them earn a great profit. That is why AvaTrade is one of the best platforms to trade on. AavaTrade gives every investor a great chance to gain profit in trading.

The Oxford Club Predicts Bitcoin To Hit $100,000 By End Of 2019

Depending on whom you talk to, Bitcoin will go to the Moon or crash to Earth. Bitcoin is already up over an astounding 1,600% year-to-date. Now, a top investment forecasting firm has placed a six-figure target on the cryptocurrency with a timeframe of about two years from today.

According to The Oxford Club‘s co-founder Adam Sharp, Bitcoin could hit an incredible $100,000 by the end of 2019. This forecast is a more than five-fold increase in the cryptocurrency over the next 24-months. At that price, Bitcoin would have a market cap of almost $1.5 trillion dollars. That would place the cryptocurrency’s market cap at about half of that of the US dollar.

So what is the appeal of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general? Unlike other government-issued currencies, cryptocurrencies are not issued and are not controlled by any central bank. The technology behind the cryptocurrency allows the money to be transferred completely instantaneously and anonymously. And cryptocurrencies have a finite number of coins in circulation which ensures against hyperinflation of the currency.

While Bitcoin has outperformed just about every asset class, The Oxford Club warns against over-investing in the cryptocurrency. The investing firm places Bitcoin in its most speculative, Early-Stage Investing section of its portfolio. This means that Bitcoin should only be considered by investors who are comfortable with high-risk investment assets.

As Bitcoin continues its volatile upward surge, many investors will be more interested in the powerful cryptocurrency. Though The Oxford Club forecasts a six-figure target for Bitcoin, investors should understand that any investment in cryptocurrency is extremely speculative. As 2018 unfolds, Bitcoin will continue to dominate financial headlines around the world.

Siteline Cabinetry Offers Innovation at an Affordable Price

The outstanding feature that puts you on the edge of sophistication and class is the type of furniture you own. That comfortable furniture that fits adorable in your living room and kitchen areas is the ultimate choice that every client looks into. It calls for attention on the most minimal details that will put your house on the world map of being the best of them all. Well, looking for that manufacture that will consider your needs and take every step to understand your tastes and preference is a daunting task that demands a lot of time and sacrifices. However, there is always that manufacture that comes at the hour of need and fixes everything go your way. Siteline Cabinetry is the ultimate choice that offers an extensive service in the production of furniture that fits every niche.

Siteline Cabinetry offers a state-of-art technology is the manufacture of furniture. It takes time to listen to your demands and taking down every detail that will ensure that you have an exceptional furniture. In the year 2015, Corsi Group, a mother manufacturer of Siteline Cabinetry established various chains that allowed clients from every corner of the United States have access to their services. It came to their attention that customers have different tastes and preferences and it, therefore, compelled them to come up with a made-to-order furniture. It gives clients a freedom of choosing their designs and their preferred colors. Siteine Cabinetry offers a vast array of top-notch furniture equipment that extends to the kitchenware and bathroom.

Siteline Cabinetry incorporates both the old and the current technology design that enables them to come up with prestigious items that will stand out in every aspect. The professional staff is always available to make sure that clients meet the best treatment and service. Siteline Cabinetry understands the volatile economic situation, and it has taken all the consideration in pricing. It develops its products from scratch making them entirely different in every way. The customer care attendance engages you in assessing your cabinetry needs and advising you accordingly. If you need multiple cabinetry services and products, then Siteline Cabinetry is the preferred choice for you.