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i miss my babies, you say
memories of a sterile room
and the tearing away
and i know

we got here differently
but in the end
we are mothers without our children
aching for restoration

... i’m standing beside you
as the grief rolls down our faces
we are the same

and someday
i will stand beside you
for the reunion

-Jess Clark, 2012

Solution Graphics

~Welcome to The Heart Knows ~ 

Hand stamped creations specializing in memorial designs for those lost to abortion

The Lord inspired me to start this ministry after much searching for personalized jewelry in memory of children lost to abortion with no success.  I ran across many online stores offering memorial pieces for other types of loss, but never specifically abortion.  I was searching for a piece that could be personalized with the name of my own son, Isaiah Nathaniel that I regretfully aborted in 1996. After living in pain and denial for nearly 12 years, in 2009  the Lord took me on a healing journey and I began a recovery Bible study where I was set FREE from the guilt and shame of my abortion decision.  As part of healing, a post-abortive individual may seek the Lord for our child's name realizing this is part of giving them dignity and recognizing their life as one of value.  By the end of recovery class we have released our guilt/shame and truly given our child over to the Lord.  At that time we may desire to have a tangible symbol of our child we never got to hold on earth, but will when we are reunited in Heaven one day soon.

When The Heart Knows began I thought it would consist simply of personalized designs for lives lost to abortion, but after I began hand stamping the memorial pendants I had requests coming in for necklaces in memory of babies lost to miscarriage as well.  Of course I embraced this idea as well as other designs to show a committment to stand for LIFE.  These may also include supporting other ministries that do the same, such as Refuge of Light and The Life Ballet.  

I am so excited to see what the Lord creates and I am so thankful for the people/friends I have met already through this ministry!  Read more about the memorial designs here or browse the designs on the left.  You are always welcome to contact me regarding a design idea you have that is not already available.  I love working with you to find the perfect way to memorialize your precious child(ren)!


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