Trabucos: Ancient Agents Of Destruction

Trabucos, also called trebuchets, were a fearsome weapon employed long before the invention of gunpowder-filled artillery. Akin to the more familiar catapult, trabucos and the like, may be historically linked to the period of the Middle Ages, however, this war machine dates back much further, 400 B.C China, in fact.

The basic construction of trabuco consisted of a wooden scaffolding-like framework holding a lever and string with a leather pouch or sling to hold the object of propulsion. The sling was lifted with force to hurl large stones a distance. While available rubble may have been common ammunition, history reveals the use of other objects, such as dead bodies and body parts; heads were a favorite for their terrorizing value.

Photos of replicas and drawings, featured on Google images and Wikipedia, depict an impressive piece of architecture. At 60 feet in height, this dizzily intimidating structure must have been a serious instrument of destruction. Images show some to be stationary, others were mobile with wheels. Based on the dimensions and capabilities, the victims of this awesome device were surely cowered by it, survival in doubt.

Originally, called a traction Trabuco, it was operated by many men pulling on attached ropes, applying their weight to create the force needed to propel an object towards the enemy. Eventually, trabuco was adopted by the French during the Dark Ages, 500 A.D.. Encountering some technical limitations, they improved on the original model replacing manpower with a counterweight system, creating what is called a balancing Trabuco. In doing so, this ancient weapon became more powerful, increasing weight capacity, range, and precision. The sling was capable of accommodating a 140 pound payload, or object of propulsion, sending it soaring up to 800 meters according to It penetrated castle walls and enemy fortresses, their destruction coming within days. The device surpassed any other weapon of its time.

Later, during the 13th century, the Arabs perfected the Trabuco even further by increasing the counter weight, which resulted in the ability to cast up to 400 pounds, thereby increasing the potential devastation. Europe used this agent of destruction, occasionally including disease-bearing payloads, until explosive artillery rounds were adopted.


Igor Cornelsen Investor Supreme

Igor Cornelsen is an investor who made his reputation in Brazil as one of the country’s most successful bankers. His track record of managing some of the largest banks and investment accounts became legendary during his tenure there.

He currently lives in South Florida, where he spends his time perfecting his golf game, but he has not lost his interest and expertise in the investment community. He still likes to spend some time in investments and as an investment adviser, simply due to his interest in the field and to help others who seek his advice.

One of Cornelsen’s brighter moments occurred his tenure in banking during some of the most tumultuous years in Brazil when near the end of 2014 when both the Brazilian economy and the banks were in trouble. Check ireport.cnn to know more about Igor Cornelsen.

According to Cornelsen, the secret of success in getting out of troubled economic situations is a thorough knowledge of the markets and how investors will react to certain conditions. Experience is also a great teacher since people tend to respond in similar ways to conditions that have occurred in the past.

So Cornelsen created a short, but power-packed profile for investors to follow based on the fundamentals that he knew would support investing in some areas where growth had to happen. Cornelsen always maintained that before anyone gets involved in any investment, they have to know the “bare bones” or the basics of what that investment is all about.

Since Brazil has the biggest economy in South America and is the eighth largest economy in the world, Cornelsen knew if the right steps were to be presented to the investors, the outcome would be favorable.

Cornelsen knew that Brazil was still an attractive market for investments because of its vast natural resources and food production. Brazil also had a booming population which had a great need for a reliable infrastructure building program. Cornelson knew that if a robust program of reassurance could be maintained by the government and investment advisors alike, then investors would step up to the plate and they could expect a positive result.

Of course, that is precisely what happened, and that is why Igor Cornelsen is highly regarded in the investment community.

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Why Does Matt Badiali Invest In Energy Stocks?

Matt Badiali studied at Penn State University for his Bachelor of Science degree in earth sciences. He advanced his studies at Florida Atlantic University and gained a master’s degree in Geology. His thirst for education pushed him towards enrolling for a PhD in the University of North Carolina.

He taught geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. One day, Matt got a call from a famous man. Little did he know that this call would change his life. The man was a financial expert who sold information to large-scale investors.

This man became friends with Matt, and they developed simple methods for investing together. Matt’s knowledge of geology was a major element in creating investment advice in natural resources. To be successful in business, Matt advises that you have to be present to see how it is done.

In pursuit of success, Matt visits firms to ensure that their claims are legit. His hands-on attitude towards business has taken him across the world. He has visited mines in Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries, and held talks with the managers at these firms. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter

Matt is the author of Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter published by Banyan Hill. His articles offer advice to ordinary investors on stocks in energy, metals, and natural resources. Matt writes because people need knowledge of natural resources before they can invest. His education background and experience with the stock market enables him to give good advice.

His readers find his articles intriguing because he analyses investment opportunities based on his personal experiences. He couples his advice with first-hand information, as he has visited many mines worldwide. This validates the advice he gives to his readers.

Matt is most productive in the morning. He wakes up and writes before going through news and emails. In the afternoon, he either attends meetings or attends to phone calls. Whenever he is not doing either, he reads. Matt is ever on the lookout for news concerning companies on the Real Wealth Strategist portfolio.

Badiali is optimistic that electricity will be the major source of energy soon. This technological advancement will disrupt many industries, but it will provide an opportunity for the tech-savvy firms.

Matt defies expectations. He attributes his success to this strategy, and his advice to potential entrepreneurs is to follow suit.

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Jeff Yastine Predicts The Future Of Competition Against Amazon

Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director for Banyan Hill. He published an article concerning the best potential Amazon competitors for investors. He wrote about an airplane manufacturer called Embraer in November. He explained they were acquiring valuable contracts with military and civilian organizations. In December he advised investors to look to acquisitions and mergers. Once Boeing talked about purchasing Embraer he predicted a windfall of thrity percent for the shareholders. The deal is not complete but it is favorable.

Jeff Yastine believes there will be more acquisitions and mergers in the retail sector. Companies including Walmart have attempted to compete with Amazon with shopping perks and matching services. Jeff Yastine believes more competitors will be going up against Amazon by working together. He feels eBay is a good candidate and Google would be a potential buyer. This is because Google focuses on online electronics and technology. To battle the selling power of Amazon they need an established retail arm. The fulfillment warehouses of eBay would be a good start for Google. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Jess Yastine

The grocery chain Kroger Co. has seen a stock drop of 35 percent since the peak last year. Investors are concerned about Amazon competition since they acquired certain locations of Whole Foods. Jeff Yastine believes this fear is over exaggerated. The United States has roughly 3,000 Kroger stores. The reason Amazon and Whole Foods teamed up was to market organic foods. He also cited the cashier-free technology being incorporated by several of the Whole Foods locations.

Grainger sells numerous industrial products including storage, office duties and cleaning supplies. They encompass multiple industries and a variety of businesses. A lot of investors dropped their stock when it decreased last year and were concerned Amazon would take over. Jeff Yastine stated they have a big network of warehouses and distribution centers. These assets are perfect for any company competing against Amazon.

These three companies do not need to be fixed. Competing with Amazon would not require any renovations, major changes or real estate. All that would be required is a partnership with other companies. Jeff Yastine has been watching the performance of these companies for years. When combined their 2018 profit per share would total $15. Investors respect and listen to Jeff Yastine. The investors are aware the key to success is accurate predictions. They trust Banyan Hill Publishing because their roster is filled with both valuable advice and intuitive experts.



What Routes Fly To Fagali’i Airport

Fagali’i Airport is a small airport that lies just outside the city of Apia. Apia is the state capital of Samoa and many people use this airport to get to and from it. It is owned and operated by the Samoa Airport Authority and its JATA Code is FGI while its JCAO code is NSFI. It is named after the nearby village of Fagali’i which lies about 5 kilometers away from Apia.

The company that flies planes in and out of Fagali’i Airport is Polynesian Airlines. They have routes that fly daily to both Pago Pago and Savai’i, both cities in American Samoa. As this airport only accommodates smaller planes Polynesian Airlines uses three De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otters on these routes. Each of these planes can hold 19 passengers. The roundtrip route from Fagali’i Airport to Pago Pago’s is USD155 which includes all applicable taxes and fees.


Once a passenger has landed at Fagali’i Airport they can exchange their money for Somoan Tata before exiting the airport. Like most airports there are taxis lined up in front of the concourse, as well as shuttles from many of the hotels on the island. The hotels on the island are quite affordable, with the least expensive being the Dave Parker Eco Lodge which is $25 a night normally and just $15 a night when on special. One of the nicest hotels in Apia, with stunning views of the beach, is the Aga Reef Resort which runs $235 a night according to

There are many entertainment possibilities around the Fagali’i Airport. The #1 show to see is FiaFia Night, held each Wednesday at the Beach Tanoa Tusitala Hotel according to Located .2 miles from the Fagali’i Airport, this show features traditional Samoan music and dancing with a highlight of them dancing with fire.

For those who want to scuba dive near Fagali’i Airport there is a company called Samoa Dive & Snorkel. They get great reviews from former customers as they accommodate everyone from beginners to experts. The owners of this company have 20 years of experience in the industry. It is suggested that you set aside more than three hours for this adventure.

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Securus Technology Protects The Public With Innovative Penal System Networks

Securus Technologies is an innovative company that develops state-of-the-art technology that helps in the operation of U.S. penal systems. Securus has many different operating arms, one is called Wireless Containment Solutions (‘WCS’) which is working on the issue of contraband cellphones secured by inmates. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are fully aware that many inmates use unauthorized cellphones smuggled in to perform acts that could endanger the public. Remember that cellphones need a wireless network system to work from, therefore Securus Technologies is developing the right technology to address these concerns.


It is interesting to note that inmates not only make threatening calls to the public (I was a victim), but they have also made sexual videos using a cellphone to submit to websites like Facebook. It was reported in the news that South Carolina inmates have performed these acts. The reason many inmates in the penal system can get away with this, is typical of the problem in South Carolina, which is they do not have any WCS technology installed to monitor and detect illegal use of cellphones.


Bringing this information to the forefront and who is working with Securus Technologies is Mr. Robert Johnson. Robert has worked at a South Carolina correctional institution for over 15 years. Believe it or not, one of his main jobs was to seize contraband cellphones and other products. He saw the dangerous misuse of illegal cellphones by inmates, but he could not do much about it because there were no remedies in place to counteract these dangerous aggressions. Today Robert Johnson is working as a consultant for Securus. He travels around the country to talk to government agencies like the Federal Communications Commission about illegal cellphone use by incarcerated men and women and the danger they impose to the public.


Good news, there is a starting point, which is in the Florida penal systems. The Wireless Containment System is being used in Floridas’ prisons. The WCS technology is designed to recognize cellphone numbers connected to the WCS network. If an alien numbers attempts to connect to the WCS wireless system, it is thwarted. However, Securus Technology taketh away and Securus giveth. Inmates will be supplied with registered private cellular network WCS cellphones.



The Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System is the only verified network to manage and control the dangers of contraband cellphones in U.S. correctional facilities. When the penal system installs the WCS network, the facility is remotely monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Mr. Robert E. Pickens says that the dangers of contraband cellphones are real. Drugs, weapons, and hits have been ordered through smuggled cellphones into jails and prisons statewide.

Ted Bauman Shares His Economic Expertise

Ted Bauman has worked in a number of positions throughout his career, most notably, spending 25 years in South Africa where he worked predominately as a fund manager in the nonprofit housing sector. While he was born in Washington D.C., Mr. Bauman emigrated to South Africa as a young adult, attending college at the University of Cape Town where he garnered postgraduate degrees in History and Economics. Throughout his career, he has worked with a number of reputable organizations, including the United Nations, the World Bank, and several grant-making agencies in Europe, in an effort to help solve a myriad of housing and urban planning issues that have long existed. He returned to the United States, securing a directorial position with Habitat For Humanity, where he stayed until coming aboard with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and daughter and works predominately from his basement office.

Each day, Ted Bauman begins by dropping his daughter off at school, after which he returns home to immediately begin working at his office. Due to the fact that time management is such an important factor in what he does, he relishes in the fact that he does not have to commute, dealing with the harsh traffic often associated with Atlanta. When beginning work, he normally tackles the most difficult tasks first, feeling that early morning is the most productive period of his day, and because of this, he staunchly avoids any unnecessary distractions that may throw him off course. The connection with his audience is imperative because the information that he prescribes can have such a strong effect on the trajectory of their financial standings, so he spends a great deal of time scouring the internet, searching for the latest economic trends. As many of financial topics are often perceived to be mundane, he utilizes great writing and narrative ability to ensure that his words jump off the page – properly engaging his audience. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Being that it is his job to stay on top of economic trends around the world that may greatly affect his audience, Ted Bauman has noticed a growing trend amongst his audience – they are beginning to question many of the longstanding principles and relationships that exist between corporate entities and the government, calling out many of their inconsistencies. This has led them to also seek possible solutions to the problems that will undoubtedly affect their financial futures.

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Investing In New Areas Is Key For Igor Cornelsen

The world is always said to be shrinking as the access each and every person has to different areas of the world as communications make it simpler than ever for everybody to know more than ever before about different countries and cultures. This knowledge of the world is a major aspect of the work of investment specialist Igor Cornelsen, who has a long history of achieving some of the most amazing results in even the most difficult financial environments; Cornelsen is now focusing on long term, high quality investments that can bring long term rewards for his clients in an era when many financial experts are looking for fast returns on a series of investments. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

Through the work Igor has completed with his own Bainbridge Investments he has found a new period of success starting after he made the decision in 2010 to retire from the financial industry in Brazil and spend his time enjoying the sunshine of southern Florida. Igor Cornelsen may have enjoyed his retirement, but also looked to continue his investing career with the Bainbridge Investments group that brings success to investors in all parts of the world.

The world of finance is a constant draw for Igor Cornelsen who is now looking to develop Bainbridge Investments through his knowledge of a number of financial markets throughout the world. As a Brazilian banking specialist Cornelsencame into contact with some of the top executives in the world of finance and developed a knowledge of the best investing options found in the entire world. Finding success as a banking executive in Brazil meant Igor worked with some of the world’s most impressive banking groups as companies such as Citibank have entered the South American market to help turn Brazil into the fifth largest economy in the world; the global success of the Brazilian markets is often seen by financial specialists as a well kept secret Igor understands and can use to help his investing clients navigate an ever changing global marketplace.



Todd Lubar reveals his secrets to success

A number of weeks ago, Mr. Todd Lubar, president of TDL Global Ventures, took some time off his busy schedule to do an interview with one of the biggest online publications in matters interviews in a deliberate and conscious effort of trying to open up and speak about his past, present and future in terms of his personal and professional life.

His story begins more than 20 years ago when he graduated with majors in speech communication from Syracuse University. Mr. Todd Lubar immediately threw himself into the world of business by starting to work at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995. For the next 4 years, Mr. Lubar would work at the business organization putting his knowledge and skills to professional use before proceeding to Legacy Financial Group in 1999.

At the Arlington-Texas based corporation, Mr. Todd Lubar is credited to have grown the loan portfolio of Maryland office of Legacy Financial Group to more than 9 figures in dollars. Mr. Lubar did not just stop there, he also went on create several job opportunities particularly for the neighboring communities. He worked with the company for the next 6 years before moving on to another organization.

In 2005, Mr. Lubar joined Charter Funding, a division of Magnus Financial Corporation as Senior Vice President, a move that is widely believed to have been influenced by the long stretch of success he had built especially in the financial services sector. He now owns several business ventures spread across different areas of industry such as real estate development industry, demolition industry, recycling industry and the nightclub industry.  Check out Inspirery to see more.

In the interview, Mr. Todd Lubar reveals that his inspiration to go into business was largely informed by his passion of helping people who are in need in a conscious and deliberate effort of assisting them realize their individual dreams by using the vast experience and deep knowledge and skills he had acquired during his professional career and develop solutions that remove the obstacles that hinder most of these people from accessing credit. As a result, Mr. Lubar developed a program and also a product targeting all consumers from the different market segments which in essence satisfies their individual needs.

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Desiree Perez, The Great Negotiator

If you want a good negotiator, try Perez, the Roc Nation’s Rock. Desiree Perez is a 47-year-old lady. She has been the Chief Operations Officer of Roc Nation since 2009. She is well known for her skill in negotiating as a music producer. The Sprint’s 200 dollars’ investment in Tidal paid off after five months when JAY-Z released his 14th Billboard 200, number one album.

The MC earned a plaque before the official release of the album due to offering a free download to one million people. Desiree Perez has since worked closely with JAY-Z, and resume her.

Des’ ability to crunch numbers in the music industry, as a producer, is very commendable. She is a very fierce and tough negotiator in music. Perez negotiated Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium and played a big role in the Samsung deal, for Rihanna. Desiree is involved with a group that manages and controls Roc Nation. This mass plays the roles of labeling and publishing. It also controls the forces behind Tidal. By name, it is called the Hova Circle of Influence. There are a few more individuals that are members of this circle of influence. They include Ty Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown and Chaka Pilgrim, and

Perez has done excellent work in ensuring the growth and manifestation of the large business. She happens to be self-driven and determined to ensure the success of the business as well as upcoming artists. Her long experience in the music industry has enabled her to know how to bring great prosperity to not only Tidal but also artists such as Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Rihanna through producing giant and unique album exclusives. She has helped attract new investors to Roc Nation over the years, and more information click here.