Life and Works of Dick DeVos with a Focus on Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is the former Chief Executive of Amway and a well-known philanthropist with a focus on improving the quality of education in the U.S. As far as I understand, he has deep regards to the children and thinks that by giving good education to them, he is supporting the great initiative of making America great again. DeVos thinks that the quality of the education has gone down in the recent years and only initiatives that are aimed to force schools to improve its performance can bring the quality education back, a great thought which I totally agree with him.



Apart from contributing large chunks of money, he devised a number of educational initiatives to improve the quality. Some of them are the charter school system, school of choice, school vouchers, the grading system for schools, and more. DeVos has spent more than three decades into educational activism and framed a number of campaigns to address various issues faced by the education system of the country. He often says that there are children in the wrong ZIP codes who are not able to follow the great American dream. I also noted that DeVos instituted many scholarships to assist financially struggling students to pursue their education.



While coming to the career of Dick, he started his career with Amway in the year 1974 and held various roles in marketing, finance, manufacturing, sales, and more. He became the Vice President of the firm with responsibilities of international operation in 1984 and helped the international division to grow significantly in sales numbers and growth. I have noticed that during his period, the firm tripled its foreign sales. The DeVos family acquired the NBA team, Orlando Magic, in 1991, and Dick was appointed as the CEO and President of the team.After two years, Dick returned to Amway as its President. He helped the firm to expand the business to more than 50 countries covering six continents.



DeVos helped the firm to make a major restructuring in 2000 that saw creating a parent company for Amway, named Alticor. He retired from Alticor in the year 2002 established an investment management firm named The Windquest Group. It invests in manufacturing, technology, and other important sectors. DeVos completed his graduation in Business Administration from Northwood University. His philanthropic contributions and educational activism helped him to earn honorary doctorates from the Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University. Apart from education, Dick supports various groups working on artistic, civic, and community needs.



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