Why the USHEALTH GROUP has maintained the quality of their operations

Offering quality services

Insurance companies are the least trusted in the entire world. It is very rare to find an insurance company with positive reviews. According to Bloomberg, USHEALTH GROUP has created a different brand in the insurance field where quality is the order of the day.

To ensure that quality is served, the company has come up with ways in which the consumer demands can be met and their satisfaction to be guaranteed. Quality services include; ensuring that the agents always meet respond to all the concerns of the customers, payment of the agents are made in time, and all the employees are motivated to provide quality services.

The motivation of the employees

Insurance companies always operate on targets. The agents and other employees work under a lot of pressure to ensure that the targets are met.

Crunchbase revealed that USHEALTH GROUP came up with a different approach to ensure that all the employees are satisfied. First, the agents have a basic salary. Most agents earn from $50000 to $52000 per year.

Then the agents are given commissions based on the number of clients that they add to the customer base. Most agents try to meet their expenses, and this motivation makes them work harder in order to improve their incomes.

Because of the positive image that the company has created over the last three decades in operation, it has become very easy for the agents to get more clients. Agents and other employees work because they are motivated. The working conditions are very flexible, and the agents find it easy to be productive.

The involvement of the management

The CEO of USHEALTH has a unique way of operation. There is no one superior to the other. All the employees have an equal say in the operations of the company. USHEALTH GROUP involves people on equal grounds. When there is need to improve the services, all the employees and the agents are called for deliberations.

The decisions made by the company have to be satisfactory. The clients and the employees must feel protected, and the management has considered that. The CEO of the company goes out of his way to meet the clients in order to explain certain policies.

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