Samuel Strauch: Views Beyond The Success

Samuel Strauch is the owner of Metrik Real Estate, located in South Beach, Florida. Though Samuel Strauch is a man that has accomplished much in regards of his successful business, he is also man who lives a humbled, and integrity filled life and more information click here.

Samuel Strauch’s stream of achievements began with his education. After he graduated from Hofstra University, he then went on to study at Erasumus University and Harvard University.

After completing his studies, Samuel Strauch then went on to work as a banker. Using the knowledge that he had acquired throughout the years, and his extensive financial experience, Samuel Strauch left the banking business, and went home to South Florida to work for his parent’s real estate company and learn more about Samuel Strauch.

After fourteen years of working for his parent’s company, Strauch decided that he wanted to open up is own business,and gave birth to Metrik Real Estate Agency.

Metrik Real Estate is known as one of the most successful real estate companies in South Beach, Florida.

Though a lot of business owners who have amassed such successes in their life-time often become arrogant and full of themselves, Samuel Strauch only cares about how his success benefits others.

Through Metrik Real Estate, Strauch believes that it is his responsibility to give back to the community, and make the world a better place and Strauch’s lacrosse camp.

Strauch is also a spiritual man who believes in connecting with the world around him, and living life to the fullest. With his free time, he uses photography as a means of capturing the life around him, and meditates as a means of centering himself.

In the work place, Strauch connects with his employees by taking them on trips to learn more about them, and what each of them desires from life. He motivates them, and gives them inspirational advice that some have heeded, and used to begin their own businesses. Strauch has even partnered with a few of them when considering new business ventures. Even in the walls of the Metrik building, he creates an environment that connects with each person’s spiritual, emotional, intellectual views and Samuel on Facebook.

Samuel Strauch is passionate about the ones that work for him and about those who have contributed to his success. He says that the success of Metrik Real Estate is due to their referrals. He believes that the trust between Metrik and her clients is what have allowed them to be at the top of the Real Estate market.

Samuel Strauch can, indeed, be called a man with views beyond the success, whom others could stand to learn a lot from and

Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and the Finance World

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a South American finance powerhouse, to put it mildly. He’s Bradesco’s proud CEO (Chief Executive Officer), first of all. Bradesco has the distinction of being a sizable and powerful bank in Brazil. There are few other banks in the large nation that can actually compete with its strength. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years. He was considered to be 2015’s top finance entrepreneur by many.

This executive landed the coveted role as President of Bradesco back in the early spring of 2009. He’s been an unstoppable force of sorts ever since then. He indicated then that leadership was in no way, shape or form one of his objectives. He did state, however, that his objective for Bradesco was to cater to its designated municipalities with full dedication and commitment.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did something courageous and interesting in the late summer of 2015. He purchased HSBC’s Brazilian division. This purchase was quite a costly one as well. Its price tag was a cool $5.2 billion in United States dollars.

Cappi has been a part of Bradesco for a long period of time. His career with Bradesco started with “newbie” positions. With time, however, he made his way to desired executive openings. He’s currently at the helm of the noted financial institution. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the head of Bradesco Seguros between the years of 2003 and 2009. This role gave him the invaluable opportunity to land the position as the President of the firm.

Bradesco has long been a big tradition in the Brazilian banking community. The company’s partnership with HSBC, however, took the financial institution to a new level. Bradesco now enjoys a solid reputation as a choice private bank in Brazil. People who are part of Brazil’s banking sector think of Bradesco as being a leader in the world of financial institutions. Financial professionals look to the team at Bradesco for guidance, advice, recommendations and more. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a top-tier executive who wants to change Brazil’s banking approach for the better.


Paul Mampilly one three smart investments that are going to be huge

Paul Mampilly is an expert investor and financial guru. He spent 20 plus years working on the stock market. Knowing the stock market through and through, he is letting readers in on growing markets to invest in. Paul Mampilly suggests investing in these three trends that are about to blow up massively.

Precision medicine is becoming a huge thing. It is personalized medicine medicine for the future. It is genetic testing so doctors can treat patients even faster and with a personalized treatment for each patient. No patient is the same, why treat them the same? Upon meeting with patients, the doctor can look at their DNA profile, thus finding better solutions for each person.

The next investment may seem like a no-brainer. It’s electric cars. With the way the world is going, electric cars are going to take over, there’s no doubt about it. It will certainly decrease how much people pay to maintain their vehicles, especially when it comes to fuel. There will be only three basic parts to maintain in an electric vehicle, making it much more simple and cost effective.

The third investment is about food. Awww, delicious food! In this day and age people are becoming more health conscious. Unfortunately with our busy schedules we don’t have much time to cook, and fast food is not known to be very healthy. That is why food delivery systems are on the rise. They are less wasteful, easy, convenience, and super affordable to busy parents and working folk.

Paul Mampilly is the founder and CEO of Capuchin Consulting. It is a private firm that provides different and unique investing opportunities for professional investors. He is also the founder of Profits Unlimited, a monthly newsletter suggesting stocks options and information about stocks to readers. It has well over 90,000 subscribers to date and growing. The financial expert went to Montclair State University where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting. He then worked hard for his Master of Business Administration from Fordham Graduate School of Business in Finance.

He started out his career as a assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. Paul Mampilly continued his rise to the top at ING, Deutsche Bank, and Kinetics Asset Management. At Kinetics he grew their assets to $25 billion. Barron’s named it one of the world’s best hedge funds. It averaged 26 percent in returns each year. He also won the Templeton Foundation investment competition.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Architect of the HSBC Acquisition Deal That Got Bradesco Back in the Fray for Leadership in Brazil’s Private Banking Sector

Brazil’s Bradesco is a bank with a rich history. Founded in 1943 in the city of Marilia, the bank is one of the oldest in the country. Its organizational culture has been refined over the many years of its existence and is consequently one of the best defined in the country. Clients are consequently guaranteed that the quality of services they receive at one branch will be available at the next. Further, over the course of the bank’s extensive history, it has only had four presidents. All these presidents have been legendary in their own right with the one still currently engaged in guaranteeing Bradesco’s growth while safeguarding its culture being, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

Almost the entirety of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s reign as president of Bradesco has been defined by an ongoing battle for market leadership with Itau Unibanco. For 57 years in its existence, Bradesco was the largest private financial institution in Brazil, a fact that was a great source of pride for its shareholders and employees. However, in 2008, a year before the appointment of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the title was snatched away from newly formed Itau Unibanco. While Bradesco had been larger than the two merging banks of Banco Itau and Unibanco individually, the newly formed Unibanco Itau now had 27 percent more business than Bradesco. Unfortunately for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, a global financial crisis in 2008/2009 prevented the availability of viable mid-tier banks to for Bradesco acquire and get back in contention for market dominance. Consequently, he was forced to play the waiting game and instead focused on growing the bank organically.

In 2015, British multinational bank HSBC announced that it would be selling its Brazilian operation. As the sixth largest bank in the country by asset-base, the sale presented a tremendous expansion for any buyers. With unexpected and aggressive haste, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi swooped in to negotiate the purchase of the bank for an estimated $5.2 billion. Being 15 times the estimated profit by HSBC Brazil that year, the purchase price shocked many in the industry but also showed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s desire to get Bradesco back to its the position it once was.

With this one deal alone, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was able to significantly cut into Itau Unibanco’s lead. Bradesco new customer-base of over 30 million people and network coverage of over 5500 both trump those by Itau Unibanco, though it still trails its competitor on the asset value front. Additionally, the acquisition allowed Bradesco to more than double the number of high-income clients it had to 1.8 million.

By completing the HSBC-acquisition, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did a great service to the country. With Brazil experiencing an economic crisis in 2015, the multibillion-dollar deal showed that the private sector was still robust and inspired investors not to flee the country. Further, being the largest financial transaction of the year, the acquisition got Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi named the entrepreneur of the year in the finance category by Money Magazine.

Throughout his seven-year stay at the helm of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi‘s shrewdness in completing the HSBC Brazil acquisition has been the ultimate mark of his managerial brilliance. In that single deal, he revitalized the bank and set it up nicely for continued growth in the coming years. Consequently, it is safe to say that with the gains he has made thus far, Itau Unibanco is firmly in the sights of Bradesco and it is only a matter of time before it takes back its rightful position and pride.

Mike Baur Loves Banking and Entrepreneurship

Mike Baur is an ambitious businessman who hails from the picturesque European nation of Switzerland. He’s also a talented entrepreneur who has been part of many exciting and motivated efforts. Baur was part of the team that launched a company that’s known as Swiss Startup Factory. He currently works as the company’s managing partner. He’s one of its dedicated co-founders as well. Although Baur at the moment is an undeniable presence in the European world of entrepreneurship, it hasn’t always been that way. He actually has a surprising past in finance. Baur held positions in the banking field for more than two decades. He had rewarding jobs with prominent institutions such as Clariden Leu and UBS. Baur left the banking world with the goal of pursing investment opportunities. He started investing in new startup firms. This was prior to establishing Swiss Startup Factory. He helped establish this company back in 2014. He did so with the cooperation of two other people. These were Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.


Baur is active in many things that pertain to the entrepreneurship community. He served as a jury member for START Summiteer. START Summiteer is a pitching competition that’s geared toward startup organizations. This competition took place at the University of St. Gallen. This is a public university that’s in scenic St. Gallen in Switzerland. Baur landed a role as a CTI Invest deputy managing director in the winter of 2016. This occurred right when Swiss Startup Factory made the decision to join forces with the company. Baur was at the helm of Swiss Startup Factory as it orchestrated its comprehensive accelerator program.


Baur has earned the attention of quite a few major media outlets. The Wall Street Journal did a piece on Baur at the end of 2016. The publication talked about the beginning of his illustrious career. It talked about his productive banking years in Switzerland. It talked about all of his startup and entrepreneurship objectives as well.


Baur comes from Freiburg in Switzerland. He studied at diverse institutions of higher learning such as the University of Rochester in the United States and Bern University. He pursued a banking vocation when he was merely 16 years in age. He was an enthusiastic banking employee for the duration of the nineties. He even landed coveted positions in his twenties. He decided one day, though, that it was time to head into the entrepreneurship universe.



Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of the railroad freight cars manufacturer from Hamilton, Canada known as National Steel Car. Greg Aziz bought the company in 1994, after making investments in various banks in New York. Since taking over, he has turned the fortunes of the company into a great success. He is a holder of Economics degree from the University of Western Ontario. After school, he joined his family in running a family owned fresh foods company.


National Steel Car has continued to expand its operations in the hands of Greg J Aziz. The company has continued with efforts of remaining dynamic, innovative and open to diversification. The company uses the approach of collecting primary information from their clients and customers on the experiences they are undergoing through with the company’s products. Their focus is not on the achievements of the past but the future of the company. There is still a lot to be achieved in the industry especially with the technological advancements being implemented nowadays. The company is focused on remaining ahead in terms of business operations that align with the new technology. Greg Aziz reckons that any business that is left behind in this era of technological growth risks extinction.


Greg Aziz has continued to grow the company in such a way that it provides better and reliable services to its clients. National Steel Car continues to shine through the efforts of customers, by maintaining a good reputation with the customers and suppliers and more so through the commitment of the human resource base of the company who have remained loyal and dedicated to the work set out by President Greg Aziz.


Greg Aziz is not only known in the business circles, but he is also a philanthropist with great dedication to works of charity. He has supported some organizations such as the Salvation Army and Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius among many other. Greg also holds parties for the workers of the company.


Visit This Web Page For more information.


National Steel Car is an internationally recognized company which has cut out a space for its name in the global market. It has made a good name for itself by having good quality products that are appreciated by their customers. The efforts of Gregory J Aziz has been instrumental in pushing the company to the heights it has managed to reach so far. Greg believes it is far from over and the company will continue putting better measures to expand its business operations.


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National Steel Car- Greg Aziz contributions

When National Steel Car was formed in 1912, maybe not even the investors at the time believed it would see the 21st century. The corporation was built to address the issues of construction of railroad freight cars that were in huge demand at the time. Many years later the company is still bubbling with activities, while many others in the manufacturing sector died a long time ago. National steel car corporation has beat all the odds to emerge the leader in the global engineering and manufacturing industry. This industry is very dynamic and can change faster than a corporation can adapt. Despite all that, national steel car had survived. It definitely must have been built on a strong foundation. However, what seems to be not clear is how the corporation has in the recent decades been so aggressive in its business operations, It is operating like a brand new business that has been set up in the 21st century.

Check out their profile on Facebook.

The answer these concerns lies with none other than Gregory James Aziz. He is now the CEO of the corporation and is steering it in a direction not many had foreseen. The company is full of activities, and its operations are expanding every year. Gregory J Aziz joined the corporation with one aim of making the corporation better. As the oldest corporations in the country, it deserves to be maintained as it is a national trademark of continuity in the industry. He brought in a new team that was dedicated to implementing a plan that he had established as the ticket for reviving the business. There were many areas that the corporation needed to work on. The production aspect and the marketing aspect were two areas that Greg was concerned with. There was an urgent need to make the corporation produce cars in large quantities. Initially, when he took over, it was doing 3500 cars in a year. That was too low for the corporation to survive.

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Gregory J Aziz is from Ontario, Canada. He was born from a business family. His parents owned a food wholesale business known as Affiliated Foods. It is in this corporation that he would first work when he graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1971.


He helped his parents grow the food company into the biggest importer of fresh food in Canada. Apart from this work, he worked for several investment banks in New York.


Gregory Aziz the Rail Engineer

Gregory James Aziz was born in London in the year 1949. He attended Ridley College then later went to Western University where he graduated with a degree in Economics. Greg is a businessman and lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He is the chief executive officer, the chairman, and the president of National Steel Car Company in Hamilton, one of the leading Engineering and manufacturing railcar company in North America. Under his leadership, National Steel Car Company has been recognized 13 times in TTX SECO awards. Gregory Aziz has worked with the company from 1994 up to date. That is over 20 years of excellence.


Greg Aziz started his journey in employment by working for his family food business in 1971 which grew to a worldwide leading importer of fresh foods from South America, Central America, and Europe distributing it to markets across the United States and Eastern Canada. Gregory also worked in the banking industry in New York up to 1994 where National Steel Car Company made him the CEO. He took part in organizing the purchase of the steel car company. The team behind the enterprise dedicated themselves to transforming the business to what it is now.


The company has existed for over a hundred years engineering and manufacturing rails. It is the only certified engineering and manufacturing railroad and Car Company in North America. It has over two thousand dedicated engineers and employees who have committed themselves to make the best and quality railroads and tank cars for their customers. The company is recognized worldwide for their innovative designs of railcars. National Steel Car Company has a partnership with Canpotex. They produce potash cars for them. Canpotex is an export and marketing company of Potash cars. See Related Info Here.


As a way appreciating the community In Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car Company has provided job opportunities to the families living in Ontario. They sponsor the Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton operas, and many others. Apart from their dedications in producing cars, they have dedicated themselves to improving the community that has made them grow to another level. The company manufactures thousands of railroad cars every year that shows how the company is committed to satisfying their loyal customers. Apart from designing and building the cars, National Steel Company also provide their clients with the right parts and the components of the cars. Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, National Steel Car Company continues to grow and providing quality that meets their customers’ needs.


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The Accomplishments of Brian Torchin and Companies He Has Created

Brian Torchin is a well-educated man who has had great success in this professional life. He attended the university of Delaware, where he specifically majored in the doctrine of exercise science. He eventually graduated with a bachelor of science pre-med degree from this institution. Later, after the completion of his undergraduate studies, he attended the Ney York Chiropractic College from the year 1992 to 1995. He successfully graduated with the marketable doctor of chiropractic degree.

He would then embark on putting to practice all that he had learnt in school. Brian Torchin acquired all the necessary certifications to ensure that he could practice as a chiropractic practitioner.

He went on to open a chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His practice ensured that his many patients were alleviated of their pain as well as suffering, through his great chiropractic knowledge.

Brian Torchin has a great resolve to ensure that businesses could access qualified personnel to learn their day to day affairs. This passion saw him create HCRC Staffing, a company that is so instrumental to answering the staffing needs of organizations.

This company is able to serve hospitals, legal firms, and healthcare companies. His company provides qualified dentists, physician assistants, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners as well as urgent care providers.

Glassdoor reveals that this great company created by Brian Torchin is able to deliver skilled, qualified and dedicated candidates to serve in critical job positions as demanded by healthcare and legal companies. Amazingly, this company is able to deliver this candidate within 72 hours. This closes a very big gap in the legal and healthcare fields where employee turnover is very high.

Many companies have sought for the services of HCRC Staffing as they have realized the great benefits. This company has expanded its services to a global scale, whereas they are able to cater for clients from Australia, Canada, Europe as well as the USA.

This company also ensures that they share as much as they can with their clients through periodical publications. This is indeed important to other companies who can borrow a lot from this staffing giant.

Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

Greg Aziz Contributions at the National Steel Car

National Steel Car is considered to be one of the fastest growing manufacturing companies in the world. The institution was established by Gregory J Aziz, and it has been doing very well under his leadership. The company has also been producing high-quality products that have impressed and won the hearts of many customers. At the moment, the institution is focusing on freight car components, and it has been doing well too. Gregory Aziz and his team are dedicated to offering only the best to its customers. The company has won several awards due to its accomplishments in the market.


Gregory was born in the year 1949. His parents were based in Ontario, Canada, and this is where he spent his childhood years. When he attained the right age, the businessman was taken to some of the best schools in the country so that he could acquire his education. First of all, Aziz went to Ridley College where he could get his college studies. After graduation, the businessman went to the University of Western Ontario where he got his degree in Economics. This educational background has been instrumental in his career.


xxThe Aziz family was earning a living through the food industry. After completing his education, the businessman joined his family so that he could expand and make it even better. When starting the company, the family was only interested in serving the communities around. With the help of the businessman, the food business did well, and it was able to become international. Some of the branches of the institution are found in different states in the US and Europe. Get More Info Here.

In the 1980’s, Greg Aziz felt that it was time to look for greener pasture in other places. This is when he relocated to the United States and started his own career. At the United States, the businessman was lucky to get several working opportunities, and he did quite well. Fortunately, Greg had some knowledge in economics, and this assisted him in his career life. After working in several management positions in various companies, Greg was fortunate to land a huge position at the prestigious National Steel Car. The company had just been purchased from its owners, and this is when he was given the position of president. Under his leadership, the car manufacturing company has done well, and it has won the hearts of very many individuals in t

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