Ted Bauman

     Ted Bauman became part of the Banyan Hill Publishing Group in the year of 2013. He is also the creative editor of the editions known as The Bauman Latter and Alpha Stock Alert. His editing also comes into practice within the Plan B Club and Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally). These editions have a specialization regarding protecting of assets, issues involving international migration, and even investment skills to use that are relatively low risk. Ted Bauman currently resides in Georgia with his loved ones.

Ted Bauman is always on the lookout for safer ways to navigate the expanding world of growing one’s wealth. While there are many misleading sectors in today’s economy, Ted Bauman’s Alpha Stock Alert is not one of them. In fact, the Alpha Stock Alert superseded the S & P 500 index ten times in the past ten years, which was up almost six hundred percent compared to the S & P’s fifty-seven percent return. In over ten years, it has not experienced one year of loss, even during the economy crisis periods between 2008 and 2008. If one is retired, it’s important to complete one’s stock strategy arena with Ted Bauman’s Alpha Stock Alert.

Ted Bauman is a man of interest. Having been born in Maryland and then emigrating to South Africa as a young man, his traveling adventures led him to obtain degrees in History and Economics. He was able to serve in the capacity of several roles of executive notoriety within sectors considered non-profit. He was also a manager of funds for housing projects that were regarded as low cost. Later, his career adventures took him on the road to be a consultant. In 2008, he returned to the United States and became a director for Habitat for Humanity. After these ventures and more traveling across Latin America and the Caribbean, he became a writer and researcher, full-time.

Ted Bauman’s ultimate dream is to have an individual take control of the destiny of their finances. The aforementioned Bauman Letter is a great way to do just that. It leads to a fascinating world of freedom through small skills that help one grow funds while protecting privacy. This kind of strategies can help one to obtain the sort of life that has always been desired. Ted Bauman is an example of success through knowledge, which he shares through his extensive, thorough, and exciting written works.

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