Bruno Fagali and his legal work

In some supermarkets, there has been controversy when it comes to the cost of certain bags. The note says that if the bag doesn’t have a logo on it then it, then you are able to charge the consumer for that bag. If the bag does have a logo on it, then you not able to charge them for that bag. The reason for this is that the money the company wouldn’t being made on the bag is being made through advertisements on the logo. The regulation has affected the super markets of Sao Paolo since 2011. In 2015, the reusable bag was defined as one that was going to be a bag that would’ve been garbage but then decided as that. The controversy comes from the price of the bags being unreasonable for many normal people.

Bruno Fagali has been a person try to restore justice and give his clients a better life experience. He has always been very educated when it comes to law. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo from 2004-2009 that would be his initial introduction to law. Bruno would later do training in a Specialization in Specialization in Administrative Law program that would make him more experienced in other fields of the law. The people who would train him helped him from the standpoint of a STF adviser who was named Vera Cristina Caspari Monteiro. As of right now he has been working on his master degree he started from 2015 at University of Sao Paulo.

He is fluent in the languages of English, Spanish and French. Right now he is working his Italian. In 2016, Bruno Fagali received a Pro Ethics award from CGU. Bruno Fagali has a lot of credit hours. In his Fagali law firm, he has 40 hours of credit hours. At the University of Sao Paulo he has 8 hours. In Bruno Fagali’s previous experiance in law he had worked with Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Advogados Associados for 40 credit hours. Then he worked for Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm for another 40 credit hours. Learn more:

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