WCS is the Best Line of Defense Against Contraband Cell Phone Access

Prisoners view cell phones as an excellent opportunity to get whatever they wish while behind bars. Yet, it’s impossible to determine a criminal’s motives after cell phone access. Recent events display a criminal named Jose Ariel Rivera accessing the cell phone’s camera to film himself holding a knife. Afterward, the video goes on Facebook Live. He films another Facebook video threatening an inmate. Robert Johnson, a now-former corrections officer, was shot six times in his house after blocking $50,000 worth of cell phones from entering the prison. The suspect, Sean Echols, received a call to kill him from a contraband cell phone. Echols was charged and convicted of attempted murder. Nine-month-old Kendarius Edwards was killed as revenge. The suspect received the message on a contraband cell phone.


Therefore, it’s illegal for criminals to use cell phones to access the outside world. Any phone smuggled in prison becomes contraband. Securus Technologies have fought against contraband cell phones, and now we have found a way to stop it. The program successfully prevented 1.7 million contrabands from gaining wireless reception.


Securus invented Wireless Containment Solutions, a program that detects and prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to the outside. Specifically, the program creates a third-party antenna barrier between the contraband cell phone and the wireless connection. Government numbers like 911 and non-emergency numbers along with approved phone numbers from staff will go through. Securus’ controlled wireless network and internet connection will block unauthorized calls. Even if prisons can’t eliminate contraband cell phones, at least there’s relief knowing these cell phones are worthless without reception.


Wireless Containment Solutions, or WCS, is attracting two parties to the fray. The FCC is teaming up with us to stop contraband cell phone access by reducing paperwork and requiring cell phone carriers to cooperate with correctional facilities. The man mentioned earlier, Robert Johnson, is also teaming up with us to stop cell phone access in prison. He is a consultant for Securus in his native Florida. We are proud to team up with both Johnson and the FCC to make correctional facilities and the outside world safer.


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