Investing In New Areas Is Key For Igor Cornelsen

The world is always said to be shrinking as the access each and every person has to different areas of the world as communications make it simpler than ever for everybody to know more than ever before about different countries and cultures. This knowledge of the world is a major aspect of the work of investment specialist Igor Cornelsen, who has a long history of achieving some of the most amazing results in even the most difficult financial environments; Cornelsen is now focusing on long term, high quality investments that can bring long term rewards for his clients in an era when many financial experts are looking for fast returns on a series of investments. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

Through the work Igor has completed with his own Bainbridge Investments he has found a new period of success starting after he made the decision in 2010 to retire from the financial industry in Brazil and spend his time enjoying the sunshine of southern Florida. Igor Cornelsen may have enjoyed his retirement, but also looked to continue his investing career with the Bainbridge Investments group that brings success to investors in all parts of the world.

The world of finance is a constant draw for Igor Cornelsen who is now looking to develop Bainbridge Investments through his knowledge of a number of financial markets throughout the world. As a Brazilian banking specialist Cornelsencame into contact with some of the top executives in the world of finance and developed a knowledge of the best investing options found in the entire world. Finding success as a banking executive in Brazil meant Igor worked with some of the world’s most impressive banking groups as companies such as Citibank have entered the South American market to help turn Brazil into the fifth largest economy in the world; the global success of the Brazilian markets is often seen by financial specialists as a well kept secret Igor understands and can use to help his investing clients navigate an ever changing global marketplace.



Todd Lubar reveals his secrets to success

A number of weeks ago, Mr. Todd Lubar, president of TDL Global Ventures, took some time off his busy schedule to do an interview with one of the biggest online publications in matters interviews in a deliberate and conscious effort of trying to open up and speak about his past, present and future in terms of his personal and professional life.

His story begins more than 20 years ago when he graduated with majors in speech communication from Syracuse University. Mr. Todd Lubar immediately threw himself into the world of business by starting to work at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995. For the next 4 years, Mr. Lubar would work at the business organization putting his knowledge and skills to professional use before proceeding to Legacy Financial Group in 1999.

At the Arlington-Texas based corporation, Mr. Todd Lubar is credited to have grown the loan portfolio of Maryland office of Legacy Financial Group to more than 9 figures in dollars. Mr. Lubar did not just stop there, he also went on create several job opportunities particularly for the neighboring communities. He worked with the company for the next 6 years before moving on to another organization.

In 2005, Mr. Lubar joined Charter Funding, a division of Magnus Financial Corporation as Senior Vice President, a move that is widely believed to have been influenced by the long stretch of success he had built especially in the financial services sector. He now owns several business ventures spread across different areas of industry such as real estate development industry, demolition industry, recycling industry and the nightclub industry.  Check out Inspirery to see more.

In the interview, Mr. Todd Lubar reveals that his inspiration to go into business was largely informed by his passion of helping people who are in need in a conscious and deliberate effort of assisting them realize their individual dreams by using the vast experience and deep knowledge and skills he had acquired during his professional career and develop solutions that remove the obstacles that hinder most of these people from accessing credit. As a result, Mr. Lubar developed a program and also a product targeting all consumers from the different market segments which in essence satisfies their individual needs.

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Desiree Perez, The Great Negotiator

If you want a good negotiator, try Perez, the Roc Nation’s Rock. Desiree Perez is a 47-year-old lady. She has been the Chief Operations Officer of Roc Nation since 2009. She is well known for her skill in negotiating as a music producer. The Sprint’s 200 dollars’ investment in Tidal paid off after five months when JAY-Z released his 14th Billboard 200, number one album.

The MC earned a plaque before the official release of the album due to offering a free download to one million people. Desiree Perez has since worked closely with JAY-Z, and resume her.

Des’ ability to crunch numbers in the music industry, as a producer, is very commendable. She is a very fierce and tough negotiator in music. Perez negotiated Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium and played a big role in the Samsung deal, for Rihanna. Desiree is involved with a group that manages and controls Roc Nation. This mass plays the roles of labeling and publishing. It also controls the forces behind Tidal. By name, it is called the Hova Circle of Influence. There are a few more individuals that are members of this circle of influence. They include Ty Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown and Chaka Pilgrim, and

Perez has done excellent work in ensuring the growth and manifestation of the large business. She happens to be self-driven and determined to ensure the success of the business as well as upcoming artists. Her long experience in the music industry has enabled her to know how to bring great prosperity to not only Tidal but also artists such as Beyoncé, Kanye West, and Rihanna through producing giant and unique album exclusives. She has helped attract new investors to Roc Nation over the years, and more information click here.

Four Tips On How You Can Expand Ecommerce Personalization For Your Customer Online


Personalizing a customer’s shopping trip is easy in the brick and mortar stores. Brick and mortar stores have a brand they adhere to. Their brand includes everything from the dress code and greeting to the training. According to Sentient AI, ecommerce personalization is much harder to achieve. Ecommerce personalization might be hard, but not impossible to do.

1) Your brand needs to be reached across all platforms. Customers want their online retailers to respond to them as soon as they need something. According to Sentient AI, that also includes social media. You need to go where your customers are.

2) It sounds cliche, but you need to give your customers what they want. That can be achieved online, you just have to know what questions to ask. Does your customer want to be pampered? Does your customer want to be greeted when they visit your online store? Once you ask the right questions, you will know how to give your customers what they want.

3) You need to tailor some of your products online to specific customers. That can be challenging when you do not know what they want. That is why you need to ask the right questions. Find out what your audience wants. You cannot tailor your products to a one-size-fits-all fit anymore. Your customers are tired of it.

Do you see shopping patterns with your return customers? Tailor some of your new products to them. Do you want them to apply for a credit card? Every customer needs a different pitch. Find out how to convince those customers and move forward. The worst they will do is say “no”.

4) You need to give them a reason to check you out. Customers are looking at more videos. Videos are appealing on many levels. Videos tell a story. Story-telling is part of the engagement process.

Customers view things differently. You need to reach out to those who are impaired or disabled too. Showing subtitles with your videos is one way to engage your customers in a positive way.


Customers take in their information at different times. Some customers take longer than others to process things. You need to take that into consideration. We are living in a new day and time. Customers are looking for new ways to be entertained. Your job is to come up with a plan for ecommerce personalization that keeps them from getting bored.