Todd Lubar reveals his secrets to success

A number of weeks ago, Mr. Todd Lubar, president of TDL Global Ventures, took some time off his busy schedule to do an interview with one of the biggest online publications in matters interviews in a deliberate and conscious effort of trying to open up and speak about his past, present and future in terms of his personal and professional life.

His story begins more than 20 years ago when he graduated with majors in speech communication from Syracuse University. Mr. Todd Lubar immediately threw himself into the world of business by starting to work at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995. For the next 4 years, Mr. Lubar would work at the business organization putting his knowledge and skills to professional use before proceeding to Legacy Financial Group in 1999.

At the Arlington-Texas based corporation, Mr. Todd Lubar is credited to have grown the loan portfolio of Maryland office of Legacy Financial Group to more than 9 figures in dollars. Mr. Lubar did not just stop there, he also went on create several job opportunities particularly for the neighboring communities. He worked with the company for the next 6 years before moving on to another organization.

In 2005, Mr. Lubar joined Charter Funding, a division of Magnus Financial Corporation as Senior Vice President, a move that is widely believed to have been influenced by the long stretch of success he had built especially in the financial services sector. He now owns several business ventures spread across different areas of industry such as real estate development industry, demolition industry, recycling industry and the nightclub industry.  Check out Inspirery to see more.

In the interview, Mr. Todd Lubar reveals that his inspiration to go into business was largely informed by his passion of helping people who are in need in a conscious and deliberate effort of assisting them realize their individual dreams by using the vast experience and deep knowledge and skills he had acquired during his professional career and develop solutions that remove the obstacles that hinder most of these people from accessing credit. As a result, Mr. Lubar developed a program and also a product targeting all consumers from the different market segments which in essence satisfies their individual needs.

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