Securus Technology Protects The Public With Innovative Penal System Networks

Securus Technologies is an innovative company that develops state-of-the-art technology that helps in the operation of U.S. penal systems. Securus has many different operating arms, one is called Wireless Containment Solutions (‘WCS’) which is working on the issue of contraband cellphones secured by inmates. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are fully aware that many inmates use unauthorized cellphones smuggled in to perform acts that could endanger the public. Remember that cellphones need a wireless network system to work from, therefore Securus Technologies is developing the right technology to address these concerns.


It is interesting to note that inmates not only make threatening calls to the public (I was a victim), but they have also made sexual videos using a cellphone to submit to websites like Facebook. It was reported in the news that South Carolina inmates have performed these acts. The reason many inmates in the penal system can get away with this, is typical of the problem in South Carolina, which is they do not have any WCS technology installed to monitor and detect illegal use of cellphones.


Bringing this information to the forefront and who is working with Securus Technologies is Mr. Robert Johnson. Robert has worked at a South Carolina correctional institution for over 15 years. Believe it or not, one of his main jobs was to seize contraband cellphones and other products. He saw the dangerous misuse of illegal cellphones by inmates, but he could not do much about it because there were no remedies in place to counteract these dangerous aggressions. Today Robert Johnson is working as a consultant for Securus. He travels around the country to talk to government agencies like the Federal Communications Commission about illegal cellphone use by incarcerated men and women and the danger they impose to the public.


Good news, there is a starting point, which is in the Florida penal systems. The Wireless Containment System is being used in Floridas’ prisons. The WCS technology is designed to recognize cellphone numbers connected to the WCS network. If an alien numbers attempts to connect to the WCS wireless system, it is thwarted. However, Securus Technology taketh away and Securus giveth. Inmates will be supplied with registered private cellular network WCS cellphones.



The Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System is the only verified network to manage and control the dangers of contraband cellphones in U.S. correctional facilities. When the penal system installs the WCS network, the facility is remotely monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CEO and President of Securus Technologies, Mr. Robert E. Pickens says that the dangers of contraband cellphones are real. Drugs, weapons, and hits have been ordered through smuggled cellphones into jails and prisons statewide.

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