Trabucos: Ancient Agents Of Destruction

Trabucos, also called trebuchets, were a fearsome weapon employed long before the invention of gunpowder-filled artillery. Akin to the more familiar catapult, trabucos and the like, may be historically linked to the period of the Middle Ages, however, this war machine dates back much further, 400 B.C China, in fact.

The basic construction of trabuco consisted of a wooden scaffolding-like framework holding a lever and string with a leather pouch or sling to hold the object of propulsion. The sling was lifted with force to hurl large stones a distance. While available rubble may have been common ammunition, history reveals the use of other objects, such as dead bodies and body parts; heads were a favorite for their terrorizing value.

Photos of replicas and drawings, featured on Google images and Wikipedia, depict an impressive piece of architecture. At 60 feet in height, this dizzily intimidating structure must have been a serious instrument of destruction. Images show some to be stationary, others were mobile with wheels. Based on the dimensions and capabilities, the victims of this awesome device were surely cowered by it, survival in doubt.

Originally, called a traction Trabuco, it was operated by many men pulling on attached ropes, applying their weight to create the force needed to propel an object towards the enemy. Eventually, trabuco was adopted by the French during the Dark Ages, 500 A.D.. Encountering some technical limitations, they improved on the original model replacing manpower with a counterweight system, creating what is called a balancing Trabuco. In doing so, this ancient weapon became more powerful, increasing weight capacity, range, and precision. The sling was capable of accommodating a 140 pound payload, or object of propulsion, sending it soaring up to 800 meters according to It penetrated castle walls and enemy fortresses, their destruction coming within days. The device surpassed any other weapon of its time.

Later, during the 13th century, the Arabs perfected the Trabuco even further by increasing the counter weight, which resulted in the ability to cast up to 400 pounds, thereby increasing the potential devastation. Europe used this agent of destruction, occasionally including disease-bearing payloads, until explosive artillery rounds were adopted.


Igor Cornelsen Investor Supreme

Igor Cornelsen is an investor who made his reputation in Brazil as one of the country’s most successful bankers. His track record of managing some of the largest banks and investment accounts became legendary during his tenure there.

He currently lives in South Florida, where he spends his time perfecting his golf game, but he has not lost his interest and expertise in the investment community. He still likes to spend some time in investments and as an investment adviser, simply due to his interest in the field and to help others who seek his advice.

One of Cornelsen’s brighter moments occurred his tenure in banking during some of the most tumultuous years in Brazil when near the end of 2014 when both the Brazilian economy and the banks were in trouble. Check ireport.cnn to know more about Igor Cornelsen.

According to Cornelsen, the secret of success in getting out of troubled economic situations is a thorough knowledge of the markets and how investors will react to certain conditions. Experience is also a great teacher since people tend to respond in similar ways to conditions that have occurred in the past.

So Cornelsen created a short, but power-packed profile for investors to follow based on the fundamentals that he knew would support investing in some areas where growth had to happen. Cornelsen always maintained that before anyone gets involved in any investment, they have to know the “bare bones” or the basics of what that investment is all about.

Since Brazil has the biggest economy in South America and is the eighth largest economy in the world, Cornelsen knew if the right steps were to be presented to the investors, the outcome would be favorable.

Cornelsen knew that Brazil was still an attractive market for investments because of its vast natural resources and food production. Brazil also had a booming population which had a great need for a reliable infrastructure building program. Cornelson knew that if a robust program of reassurance could be maintained by the government and investment advisors alike, then investors would step up to the plate and they could expect a positive result.

Of course, that is precisely what happened, and that is why Igor Cornelsen is highly regarded in the investment community.

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Why Does Matt Badiali Invest In Energy Stocks?

Matt Badiali studied at Penn State University for his Bachelor of Science degree in earth sciences. He advanced his studies at Florida Atlantic University and gained a master’s degree in Geology. His thirst for education pushed him towards enrolling for a PhD in the University of North Carolina.

He taught geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. One day, Matt got a call from a famous man. Little did he know that this call would change his life. The man was a financial expert who sold information to large-scale investors.

This man became friends with Matt, and they developed simple methods for investing together. Matt’s knowledge of geology was a major element in creating investment advice in natural resources. To be successful in business, Matt advises that you have to be present to see how it is done.

In pursuit of success, Matt visits firms to ensure that their claims are legit. His hands-on attitude towards business has taken him across the world. He has visited mines in Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries, and held talks with the managers at these firms. Follow Matt Badiali on Twitter

Matt is the author of Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter published by Banyan Hill. His articles offer advice to ordinary investors on stocks in energy, metals, and natural resources. Matt writes because people need knowledge of natural resources before they can invest. His education background and experience with the stock market enables him to give good advice.

His readers find his articles intriguing because he analyses investment opportunities based on his personal experiences. He couples his advice with first-hand information, as he has visited many mines worldwide. This validates the advice he gives to his readers.

Matt is most productive in the morning. He wakes up and writes before going through news and emails. In the afternoon, he either attends meetings or attends to phone calls. Whenever he is not doing either, he reads. Matt is ever on the lookout for news concerning companies on the Real Wealth Strategist portfolio.

Badiali is optimistic that electricity will be the major source of energy soon. This technological advancement will disrupt many industries, but it will provide an opportunity for the tech-savvy firms.

Matt defies expectations. He attributes his success to this strategy, and his advice to potential entrepreneurs is to follow suit.

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