Securus Technologies Developing Contraband Interdiction Technology To Address the Problem of Contraband Phones’ Use in Prisons

Any company that wants to expand and grow has to develop new technologies, products, and services continually. In the correctional sphere, there are many companies, but one company that stands out regarding innovation and the development of new products and services consistently is Securus Technologies. Just a while back, Securus Technologies was credited with the development of video visitation facility, which enabled the inmates and their families to have video chat sessions. It is a highly helpful service as it allows the family to see their family member who is incarcerated without having to spend time and money to travel to the prison. It also helps the people to stay in contact more.

Securus Technologies is also the company recently developed one of the most advanced contraband interdiction technologies that are available in the market. It is what the company calls the wireless containment solutions. Securus Technologies has developed wireless containment solutions to ensure that the prisons are safer and more secure and that the inmates are not able to use the contraband phones they manage to get smuggled inside the prison. The correctional facilities have tried every means possible to stop the inflow of contraband phones, but due to the existing corruption in many of the prison facilities, the contraband packages somehow manages to get inside the prison.

The problem is that many of the contraband phones that reach inside the prison are not only for communicating with the loved ones for cheap but to use it for illegal communications and controlling a wide range of criminal activities. Securus Technologies has been trying hard for many years to do something about the extensive use of contraband phones in prison, and after years of research and over $40 million in investments, wireless containment solutions was finally developed. The company believes that the wireless containment solutions would ultimately end the menace created by contraband phones in the recent times. When one of the inmates posted a video on the internet that he took from a contraband phone inside the prison, it brought shame to the corrections space and law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies believes that such incidents would not happen if the wireless containment solution is installed in the correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies has put together the best teams of experts and developers to develop wireless containment solutions. Robert Johnson, a man who spent 15 years as a corrections officer and was shot six times in his house due to his duty of confiscating contraband phones and items, is also on the board of a team that has developed wireless containment solution. With the blessings and approval of FCC, one can hope that hundreds and potentially thousands of correctional facilities across the country would be having the wireless containment solution installed.

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