ClassDojo Helps Teachers Build Better Portfolios

ClassDojo has become a favorite among many in the education app community. This is a California-based app company that has spread wings far and wide to open up the talk about better communication between parents and teachers. The education realm has certainly seen a better environment for communication because there are more opportunities to send things instantly when it comes to assignments.

The effectiveness of apps like ClassDojo can be felt easily because it is the application that allows teachers to set up portfolios for their students. When the teacher sets up a portfolio for students there is a better chance of getting connected with the parents of the students because there is going to be more input about grades and assignments available.

For teachers have access to applications like this that allows them to make environments where they can input grades and make comments on student profiles that they can use as reminders for later. A teacher does not want to be stuck behind a desk trying to work on student portfolios all the time. Sometimes she needs something that is mobile so that she can make the connection for the students from a phone.

The improvements from the original ClassDojo app are vast. There are features for Class Dojo that allows teachers to make for portfolios and insert classroom videos. The teacher has a lot of control and a lot of mobility with the ClassDojo app.

This app is becoming much more extensive as this communication platform grows. There are a lot of free resources that can be utilized by teachers. It all starts with the visual tools like the Noise Meter that can help you determine the volume of your class. There are also things like Group Maker to help teachers that are reluctant to put students in pairs on their own. If they have had trouble pairing up students they can use this tool to automatically pair students in groups. This saves teachers a lot of time. That may be one of the reasons why the ClassDojo app works so well for these types of environments.

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