Madison Street Capital: An Effective Middleman for Merger and Acquisition Services

The Madison Street Capital is a reliable company when it comes to merger and acquisition services. The Madison Street Capital reputation was built around helping companies across the United States meet their goal by being their bridge to several transactions that involve two different parties. Through their services, the company managed to extend their influence outside the United States, and they are now working with foreign companies as well. The global investment and banking firm are also focused on assisting small and medium-sized companies owned by emerging entrepreneurs, hoping to transform their businesses quickly from a struggling startup to a competitive and well-performing company.



Recently, the Madison Street Capital announced that they would become the official advisor concerning the planned acquisition of the RMG Networks by the Sachs Capital Group. The Sachs Capital Group approached the global investment firm and asked them for their assistance in acquiring RMG Networks, which is a well-known tech company from Dallas, Texas. The company is recognized for creating essential software programs which increase the productivity of their client companies. One of their most celebrated creations, a digital messaging platform, have a positive effect on the efficiency of their client companies to deliver a competent performance in their respective industries. RMG Networks is also creating hardware products and targeted businesses which require tech assistance for support. RMG Networks have offices overseas, supplying software programs and hardware products to a lot of foreign companies.



The Sachs Capital Group developed an interest in acquiring RMG Networks because of their reputation in the tech industry. Before the acquisition, the Madison Street Capital required assistance from Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Partners. They will serve as the financiers of this transaction, and after several weeks of negotiations, the two parties agreed on a contract that will allow the Sachs Capital Group to acquire RMG Networks. The two companies listened to the recommendations presented to them by the global investment firm, and they agreed to certain points that were included in their contract. RMG Networks will cease all of its trading operations in NASDAQ, and as a result, their stockholders will be receiving $1.29 per share as compensation, and it will be in the form of cash.



The Madison Street Capital is proud of another business transaction that became possible because of the assistance from their business partners. They are hoping that more companies will approach them for similar services in the future.


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