Eli Gershkovitch gives an Eye Opener on Great Types of Canadian Craft Beers

It is conventional that Canadians like their beer. Alcoholic drinks popular in Canada include beer and more specifically craft beer which is having a revival in the country. The consumption of beer per person in Canada has gradually dropped while that of craft beer is on its rise.

The graph of Canada’s sales of beer has remained flat over the years whereas the revenue generated from the sale of craft beer has nearly doubled in the country. High-quality beers are being produced by the breweries in the country. Different types of beer are being brewed ranging from creative to traditional, and this has ensured increased demand.


The breweries that deal with craft beer are no longer small as they used to be as they have increased in both size and production. It is a bit challenging to decide on the craft beer bottle to settle for from the variety that is currently present. Canada craft beer has got a guide that answers all the questions arising in the minds of consumers on the different beer bottles. They also allow their customer to make a list of the beer kinds they wish to taste which gives them a chance to discover their new favorites.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli’s motto has been growing to meet demand or demand shrinks and instead meets you (Calgary Herald). Eli Gershkovitch had a year’s break after his graduation from the law school. This break was essential before he indulged himself in his career. He enrolled in art classes where he spent his day while he was busy on weekends investigating on French Alps. He was at the disposal of Belgian beer and also got a chance to tour a small brewery while he went for a trip in Germany to Heidelberg.


His degree in law has been of great use as he at some point worked in the legal licensing of client’s liquor which was a field for him to familiarize with liquor rules. Although the law was a career that was satisfying, Eli Gershkovitch wanted to produce tangible things hence his indulgence in the liquor industry.