The Accomplishments of Brian Torchin and Companies He Has Created

Brian Torchin is a well-educated man who has had great success in this professional life. He attended the university of Delaware, where he specifically majored in the doctrine of exercise science. He eventually graduated with a bachelor of science pre-med degree from this institution. Later, after the completion of his undergraduate studies, he attended the Ney York Chiropractic College from the year 1992 to 1995. He successfully graduated with the marketable doctor of chiropractic degree.

He would then embark on putting to practice all that he had learnt in school. Brian Torchin acquired all the necessary certifications to ensure that he could practice as a chiropractic practitioner.

He went on to open a chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His practice ensured that his many patients were alleviated of their pain as well as suffering, through his great chiropractic knowledge.

Brian Torchin has a great resolve to ensure that businesses could access qualified personnel to learn their day to day affairs. This passion saw him create HCRC Staffing, a company that is so instrumental to answering the staffing needs of organizations.

This company is able to serve hospitals, legal firms, and healthcare companies. His company provides qualified dentists, physician assistants, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners as well as urgent care providers.

Glassdoor reveals that this great company created by Brian Torchin is able to deliver skilled, qualified and dedicated candidates to serve in critical job positions as demanded by healthcare and legal companies. Amazingly, this company is able to deliver this candidate within 72 hours. This closes a very big gap in the legal and healthcare fields where employee turnover is very high.

Many companies have sought for the services of HCRC Staffing as they have realized the great benefits. This company has expanded its services to a global scale, whereas they are able to cater for clients from Australia, Canada, Europe as well as the USA.

This company also ensures that they share as much as they can with their clients through periodical publications. This is indeed important to other companies who can borrow a lot from this staffing giant.

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