Latest Book from Richard Mishaan Design Showcases Fascinating Eclectic Interior Design Methods


Columbian-born designer Richard Mishaan lets his love for color come through in his latest book “Artfully Modern: Interiors by Richard Mishaan.” This is the designer’s second book following the success of his previous “Modern Luxury” released in 2009.


Both books share Mishaan’s eclectic talent for creating unique combinations of furniture and art from different eras and cultures crafting interior compositions based upon his beliefs that the best designs are layered and rich resulting in a type of contemporary fusion, unique to this designer.


Artfully Modern features brilliant spreads of extravagant examples of Mishaan’s designs. Malachite wallpaper and a limestone stair hall decorated with walls decorated with a one of a kind basket-weave pattern are just two examples of the modern designer’s penchant for combining periods and themes creatively.


This latest release has been well received by the community with 5 out of 5 star ratings dominating and recent text reviews such as “Very unique ideas on décor” and “Clearly, [this book] was written to inspire the reader’s thoughts, and it certainly does so.”


Mishaan decorates his New York apartment shared with his wife, Marcia and their two adult sons Nick and Ali using the same eclectic architectural approaches. Featured in this year’s March edition of “Architectural Digest,” Mishaan discussed his South American home’s interior arrangement that combines themes from antiquity with modern era treatments in his 16th century home. He reveals the customized interior of his home in Cartagena, Columbia as bringing together ebonized wood, red doors and marble. He is also a strong supporter of the idea that homes are snug storehouses for a personalized cache reflecting individual tastes in artwork and collectibles, disclosing that his own bedroom is decorated with 11 paintings with tall ship themes fully covering one of its walls.



About Richard Mishaan


Born in Columbia, Richard Mishaan spent part of his childhood in Italy. Mishaan moved to New York in 1978, attended Columbia University’s School of Architecture and received his BA from New York University. He owns Richard Mishaan Designs as well as Homer Designs. His design work is showcased in London, Miami and New York, which he refers to as his “home base.”