Securus Technologies – Providing Award Winning Customer Service to Millions of Inmates

One of the award winning companies in the inmate communication sectors is Securus Technologies. The company has made rapid advancements in the last few years in the correctional technology, which has helped Securus Technologies to multiply its revenue multiple times. The clientele of Securus Technologies has been growing at a massive pace in the last few years, and currently, its services reach out to over a million prisoners and 3,400 correctional agencies.


The company has done a lot of research and development in the last few years, which has helped Securus Technologies to develop products and services that the consumers are looking for. Moreover, Securus Technologies has ensured that the prices of its products are kept low. It is essential for the company to keep the prices low as the inmates mostly have budget constraints and highly priced services can never make it far in the correctional industry, where there are many competitors ready to take your business away.


Securus Technologies started its business in the year of 1986, and since then has grown to such a level that today; it is rightly called a company that is pioneering the correctional industry single-handedly. The company recently announced that it had made an investment of over $600 million in the past few years in research and development. Few of the most popular products and services offered by Securus Technologies are phone services, video services, money transfer services, photo sharing services, voice messaging system, e-mail services, and more. Such services are crucial for inmates who are living an isolated life away from their family and friends.


The company also offers efficient investigative services, and it can be seen in the press release published by the corporation recently. In the news release, the company showcased the love and appreciation it has been getting from the law enforcement officers in the form of appreciation letters from them.


Working with Securus Technologies and Preventing Crime

Our city had recently seen a huge surge in violent crimes, and we had a feeling it all centered around one gang in particular. The gang had expanded their efforts from attacking local rival gangs to going after their family and friends, and we needed to put a stop to this because innocent victims were forced to deal with these suspects.


When dealing with gangs, the biggest issue we have in law enforcement is that no one will talk. The members of the gang, regardless their position, will never talk bad about their fellow members. The innocent residents of the city will not speak out or even prosecute because they are terrified of retribution. This is when you have to break the stranglehold of these gangs or they will literally take over the city.


One of the things that my team is well aware of is that even though the leader might be in jail, these soldiers on the street will not do anything until word comes down from the top. The only way that can be done is when the leaders who are in jail begin to bark out orders or signal to the group their next moves. If we were going to see any type of reduction in the crimes committed by this gang, it was going to have to take place in the one location where we had a captive audience.


With a huge population of the gang in prison, I decided to head there and try to dig up information as to why the crimes were exploding. It was around this time we discovered our prison had been in contact with Securus Technologies and installed the modernized inmate call monitoring system. This would give me the chance to hear the inmates without them having to talk to me directly.


I know well of Securus Technologies, their CEO talks about how his company is dedicated towards the objective of making the world safer, and the fact his system is in 2,600 jails speaks volumes about Rick Smith and his thousand employees. To be in so many prisons means they are getting the desired result, and we were about to put the system to the ultimate test and finally get out city back under control.


Once I was comfortable with the LBS software, in just a few hours I heard chatter from the gang members talking about orders to the soldiers on the streets. Their coded terminology was no match for the call system, as we uncovered orders from top gang leaders to the lower soldiers all talking about who, where, and when those orders needed to be carried out now. This was enough to extend the stay of the leaders, put a watch on the soldiers, and take down as many of the thugs we could.


Securus Technologies Helps Monitor Calls At Correctional Facility And Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the top companies in the criminal and civil justice tech solution industry. The company offers advanced systems and comprehensive solutions to help in the investigation, safety, and monitoring of the various facilities to prevent crimes and find a solution to the one’s crime committed.

The CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, is proud to be able to offer their services to prison and correctional facilities. They allow the officials to be able to prevent any crime and also provides evidence that helps them solve them. He added that the company receives thousands of letters and emails where the officials praise their technology and offer proves as to how it has made their lives a little easier.

This helps us to catch inmates who might be using drugs. We were able to grab a big gang inside the facility that was selling drugs to others inmates using their technology. We were monitoring their calls for a few weeks so that we can have the evidence we need to charge them with the crime. When we caught them, they tried to deny their act, but we had all the proofs we needed, and it was easy to charge them for their crimes.

It is just one of the incidents I am talking about. Apart from that, we have charged many others doing illegal activities inside the facility. I must say that Securus technologies have been a great help and I hope they keep on investing new technologies so that facilities like ours can use them to prevent any further crimes and charge criminals for their crimes.

Securus Technologies Wants To Expose Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies began their career with the intention of helping inmates. This began with easier ways to make calls. From there, Securus helped inmates get access to video calls and even bank cards. Securus Technologies had no idea they were being prowled on by Global Tel Link, which is a similar company that uses their products in different ways.


Securus Technologies was actually happy that another company was fighting for inmate communication. This all changed when Global Tel Link began spreading false rumors that Securus uses their business to do nothing more than make a profit. Securus is not challenging Global Tel Link to a product fight. This fight will be judged by some of the best minds in the area of inmate communication.


Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link will both show off all their products and how each company differs in their costs.  Securus Technologies has recently released records indicating that they have lost money in the process of advancing products for inmate use. However, they do not care about this. They only care about changing the life of on inmate at a time, and they do this using the best technology on the market today.


This product fight is prepared to start very soon. Securus, when they win, does not want Global Tel Link to do business in any jail that contains Securus products. It’s not that Securus Technologies is afraid, but Securus feels Global Tel Link put them through much harassment. Securus was actually considering filing a formal complaint against them. However, Securus representatives want to spend their time helping inmates connect with their families in various ways. Inmates all over the U.S. are grateful for Securus Technologies.