Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, (EFH) is a business that provides tight security for lending services to businesses and individual investors. The company provides loans based on the evaluation of risks and potential future performances made or associated with bonds, treasuries, and stocks. The company was founded in 2002 and specializes in global efficient solutions for various companies with skilled and veteran financial advisors within their ranks.

Equities First focuses on products developed to efficiently supply liquidity at attractive terms through a secure and transparent process. Their unorthodox and calculated approach to non-purpose financing has rewarded their efforts with more than 625 transactions to date. Along with their distinctive method of funding, this provides many of their clients with a lower cost of capital and better financing terms than other more traditional financing alternatives.

As mentioned previously Equities First operates on a global scale. Reaching through the offices of London, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok all the while delivering financing arrangements perfectly suited to the individual borrower needs. Specialist are set up across the world all for the sake of investors comfort and peace of mind.

People with revolutionary ideas benefit from EFH.Investors and clients searching for alternative financing solutions will find what they are looking for in Equities First. The Equities First Holdings organization assists the common man by supplying capital against the publicly traded stock to enable clients to meet their personal and professional goals. EFH ensures capital against shares traded on public exchanges around the world making it an all exclusive agreement among the venture capitalist and patron. The company has now completed more than 700 transactions and are not stopping there. With a $1.4 billion United States currency delivered funding to date, everyone at EFH is getting their money’s worth. Innovative ideas and people with revolutionary.

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