Four Tips On How You Can Expand Ecommerce Personalization For Your Customer Online


Personalizing a customer’s shopping trip is easy in the brick and mortar stores. Brick and mortar stores have a brand they adhere to. Their brand includes everything from the dress code and greeting to the training. According to Sentient AI, ecommerce personalization is much harder to achieve. Ecommerce personalization might be hard, but not impossible to do.

1) Your brand needs to be reached across all platforms. Customers want their online retailers to respond to them as soon as they need something. According to Sentient AI, that also includes social media. You need to go where your customers are.

2) It sounds cliche, but you need to give your customers what they want. That can be achieved online, you just have to know what questions to ask. Does your customer want to be pampered? Does your customer want to be greeted when they visit your online store? Once you ask the right questions, you will know how to give your customers what they want.

3) You need to tailor some of your products online to specific customers. That can be challenging when you do not know what they want. That is why you need to ask the right questions. Find out what your audience wants. You cannot tailor your products to a one-size-fits-all fit anymore. Your customers are tired of it.

Do you see shopping patterns with your return customers? Tailor some of your new products to them. Do you want them to apply for a credit card? Every customer needs a different pitch. Find out how to convince those customers and move forward. The worst they will do is say “no”.

4) You need to give them a reason to check you out. Customers are looking at more videos. Videos are appealing on many levels. Videos tell a story. Story-telling is part of the engagement process.

Customers view things differently. You need to reach out to those who are impaired or disabled too. Showing subtitles with your videos is one way to engage your customers in a positive way.


Customers take in their information at different times. Some customers take longer than others to process things. You need to take that into consideration. We are living in a new day and time. Customers are looking for new ways to be entertained. Your job is to come up with a plan for ecommerce personalization that keeps them from getting bored.