Revolutionizing Lung Stem Therapy and Treatment

For decades, doctors and scientists have tried their very best to offer patients quality treatment to all diseases that affect us. Top of the list has been the treatment of lung ailments, diseases that have led to many uncontrolled deaths over the years. Not long ago, a breakthrough into lung therapy and treatment came to a realization. Scientist realized that they could be able to use adult stem therapy as a way of dealing with lung related complications. Stem therapy has been found to be useful in the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis, a disease that reduces the amount of oxygen that your body can inhale at a go. By getting rid of the ailment, patients no longer have to rely on oxygen tanks so as to meet their daily oxygen demands.

The Lung Institute was founded in 2013 and since then, it has successfully treated more than three thousand patients. It has expanded its services from Tampa, Florida, and opened new locations in Scottsdale, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Nashville. For the three years, it has been in existence; it has been able to offer patients with quality services, regardless of how severe their condition might be at the time. Before any treatment, all clients undergo careful screening so as to determine the type of lung ailment that afflicts them.

Stem therapy involves withdrawing stem cells from healthy parts of your body. At The Lung Institute,, we remove stem cells from your blood or bone marrow and then reintroduce them into your body. The stem cells then settle in your weak lungs and regenerate the growth of damaged tissue leaving you healthy like you once were. Although stem cell therapy and treatment is a new discipline, it has the potential of changing lives for the better, reveals People who have gone through stem cell treatment have been able to resume their normal activities and no longer have to depend on commercial oxygen. Thus, exploiting stem cell treatment will do humanity a lot of good.  For more info, please visit

Securus Technologies Helps Monitor Calls At Correctional Facility And Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the top companies in the criminal and civil justice tech solution industry. The company offers advanced systems and comprehensive solutions to help in the investigation, safety, and monitoring of the various facilities to prevent crimes and find a solution to the one’s crime committed.

The CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, is proud to be able to offer their services to prison and correctional facilities. They allow the officials to be able to prevent any crime and also provides evidence that helps them solve them. He added that the company receives thousands of letters and emails where the officials praise their technology and offer proves as to how it has made their lives a little easier.

This helps us to catch inmates who might be using drugs. We were able to grab a big gang inside the facility that was selling drugs to others inmates using their technology. We were monitoring their calls for a few weeks so that we can have the evidence we need to charge them with the crime. When we caught them, they tried to deny their act, but we had all the proofs we needed, and it was easy to charge them for their crimes.

It is just one of the incidents I am talking about. Apart from that, we have charged many others doing illegal activities inside the facility. I must say that Securus technologies have been a great help and I hope they keep on investing new technologies so that facilities like ours can use them to prevent any further crimes and charge criminals for their crimes.

Copar Star: The Pride of Rio de Janeiro’s Healthcare Industry

Am sure you have heard someone say that they were once sick and ongoing to the hospital, they got even sicker. This doesn’t mean that the doctors were incompetent or anything of that sort. On the contrary, it means that the environment was not conducive to foster healing. From poor sanitation to neglect and an environment that is stressful, all these are factors that might lengthen the healing time.

Copa Star is one of those hospital you go to and feel like you are in a five-star hotel. The happy and calm environment is good on reliving stress, hence, fostering healing. Also, the hygiene standards are at their best.

The Hospital Copa Star is located in Rua Figueiredo de Magalhaes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was co-founded by Jorge Moll. Jorge Moll has always believed that a hospital should be as luxurious as it can get. If people are highly comfortable in a hospital, their minds will be in harmony with the physical and healing will be achieved much faster. Therefore, when he got like-minded people, they decided to establish Copa Star, a hospital that would provide an experience similar to world’s best hotels.

When you come to the hospital, as a patient, you will provided with an iPhone. This will help you keep in constant communication with family and friends. The iPhones are also used for checking doctor schedules and calling the nurses on duty. This way, you don’t have to move an inch to get what you want.

The other thing that most people love about this hospital is privacy. This makes it ideal for public figures. They have private rooms, for utmost privacy.

Copa Star has built in such a way that it helps in conserving the environment. The Crystalline technology, with which it is built helps to greatly conserve energy. This hospital building has the ability to conserve up to 50% energy.

Learn more:,conceito-em-atendimento-de-luxo-do-copa-star-pretende-ser-levado-para-outras-capitais-do-brasil,10000094046

As for the food quality, it is like nothing you have never seen before. Unlike most hospitals where the food is yucky and almost as sickly as the patients, at Copa Star you will find an onsite restaurant serving healthy cuisines from all over the world. This food contains all the nutrients that patients need to get better soon. Visitors are also allowed to take food from the restaurant.

Copa Star is the hospital of choice for those who want to get better in no time. Most people who go for the Rio Olympics are often referred to the hospital. This is because of the quality care and technology used. They have smart theatres where surgeons can interact with the best surgeons from all over the worlds, for the best results. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, (EFH) is a business that provides tight security for lending services to businesses and individual investors. The company provides loans based on the evaluation of risks and potential future performances made or associated with bonds, treasuries, and stocks. The company was founded in 2002 and specializes in global efficient solutions for various companies with skilled and veteran financial advisors within their ranks.

Equities First focuses on products developed to efficiently supply liquidity at attractive terms through a secure and transparent process. Their unorthodox and calculated approach to non-purpose financing has rewarded their efforts with more than 625 transactions to date. Along with their distinctive method of funding, this provides many of their clients with a lower cost of capital and better financing terms than other more traditional financing alternatives.

As mentioned previously Equities First operates on a global scale. Reaching through the offices of London, Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok all the while delivering financing arrangements perfectly suited to the individual borrower needs. Specialist are set up across the world all for the sake of investors comfort and peace of mind.

People with revolutionary ideas benefit from EFH.Investors and clients searching for alternative financing solutions will find what they are looking for in Equities First. The Equities First Holdings organization assists the common man by supplying capital against the publicly traded stock to enable clients to meet their personal and professional goals. EFH ensures capital against shares traded on public exchanges around the world making it an all exclusive agreement among the venture capitalist and patron. The company has now completed more than 700 transactions and are not stopping there. With a $1.4 billion United States currency delivered funding to date, everyone at EFH is getting their money’s worth. Innovative ideas and people with revolutionary.

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The Government’s Collaboration with Private Sector on Sanitation Plan

The government gave in to demands for a better and improved sanitation system. This initiative will see the government partner up with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Edison Carlos, who is the president of Trata Brasil granted an interview to Felipe Montoro Jens on to try and shed some lights on this initiative.

Edison Carlos stressed on the fact that the public institutes offer nearly 90% of Brazil sanitation services. He also explained that government organizations provide about 70% of these services. In his view at, the presence of the private sector should not render the public sector inefficiently. He believes that the public sector has a lot of experience that can be useful through collaboration with other companies.

The bank will formulate a plan by each and every state it serves. By doing this, the bank will come up with action plans that will respond to the needs of each of the states. Felipe Montoro Jens also touches on the loss of water as the primary inhibitor of cash-flow in the state-owned water companies.

Edison emphasized on the vast resources owned by private sector companies. He also mentioned their technological advancements which would come in handy when managing water, hence create an investment in the sewerage system.

Felipe Montoro Jens also reported that, according to Edison on, a company’s success cannot be attributed to the fact that it is public or private, but to the way it responds to the needs of the people. He also mentioned the cost of operation as one of the defining factors.

To ensure a great result, Edison also stressed the importance of evaluating the contract between the two parties. This will help each party to assess whether what is implemented, is indeed what was agreed.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a construction expert, columnist, and a businessman. He is the current chairman of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S/A. He is also a CEO of Energipar Captação S.A.

Other than occasional business meetings, Felipe also writes columns and blogs once in a while.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Sopping is the Best There Is

It was in 1989 that one of finest structures in Joao Pessoa was unveiled; the Manaira Shopping mall. The shopping mall is a representation of the hard work of one of the most successful businessmen from Paraiba; Roberto Santiago.

The Manaira Shopping Mall

The mall was built on a huge piece of land that Roberto managed to acquire in Joao Pessoa. The mall took about two years to complete. It currently holds the title for being the largest mall in Paraiba. At the mall, visitors will benefit from various shopping options and entertainments options.

Many residents in the city, seeking for a place to relax, usually end up at the mall. The go there for various reasons such as the gaming rooms, the education center, movie theaters, food, banking needs, and a fitness center.

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The Domus Hall

The hall is the main concert hall at the mall. IT is located on the rooftop and has a capacity of 10,000 people. It is built in a two-storey configuration with the bottom floor being where most of the guests are located. The upper floor is for VIP guests who want a bit of exclusivity as they attend a show. It is fully air-conditioned to ensure that visitors to the hall enjoy their stay there.

The upper floor of the concert hall feature cabins that allow people to engage in private chats and listen to some lounge music. The sound equipment used at the concert hall is also worth taking about. No expense has been spared to ensure that only the best technology is used to deliver a high-quality audio experience.

The Leisure Options at the Mall

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is fitted with some of the latest electronic gaming equipment. It has a huge gaming area with a wide selection of games from which to choose. If you are a foodie, you will love the mall. The food court at this mall has dishes from all over the world. No matter what you prefer to eat or drink, you can find it at this mall.

What Can You Buy at the Mall?

Where you are in search of the latest jewelry, clothing, furniture, or anything else, you can find it at this mall. Tertiary level education institutes can also be found at the mall. If you require banking services, you should consider coming to this mall. Read more on Exame

Bruce Levenson And AHBE Are Still Fighting Out The Remainder Of The Sale Of The Team

In early 2015, businessman Bruce Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) completed the sale of the Atlanta Hawks to Tony Ressler’s group. The sale was unanimously approved by all parties involved, but there is still a final battle taking place between the former owners and their insurance company, AIG. After the sale took place, AHBE and Levenson decided to buyout General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and as part of their current insurance plan, AIG was supposed to allow for a claim to be filed in such an event as this. But thus far AIG will not accept the claim filed or allow for payouts, so Levenson and AHBE are taking them to court to seek damages.

Bruce Levenson bought the majority of the Atlanta Hawks’ shares in 2004, and owned the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers along with them for a few years ( Before that, Levenson co-founded and was the CEO of Unified Communications Group (UCG), a multi-industry news publication outlet. He had gotten his degree in journalism some years earlier before deciding to launch his own publication company, and had contributed to the now defunct Washington Star. UCG became the owner of many newsletters, and also was the parent to TechTarget, a technology research firm, and gas price app GasBuddy.

Bruce Levenson’s passion for basketball even led him to become involved with Hoop Dreams Foundation, an inner city youth tournament whose proceeds were sent to help with higher education scholarship funds. Levenson also supports the Holocaust Memorial Museum where he started the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program, an endeavor to teach young people about the significance of the event. According to PR Newswire, Levenson also supports Jewish activist groups including Birthright Israel, SEED Foundation, and BBYO. He also once wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to discuss a peace agreement for occupied territories with Secretary of State John Kerry.

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WEN By Chaz Is A Win For Beautiful Locks

Dry, damaged, and unmanageable hair is never a good look for anyone, I have years of photos to prove it. Although I have always had long hair, it has looked like I was preparing to be an understudy for a certain magically witch and less like the flowing beautiful locks that I wanted. So when I heard about the trend of ditching shampoo because it has a tendency to cause damage to hair I was all in and only needed to look in the mirror to prove it to be true.

I was glad to finally find the culprit behind my unmanageable and often desert parched hair after trying every mask, conditioner, and serum I could find. (Even a change in climate and environment did nothing to coax my hair into behaving for once.) Plus it was a bit comforting to find out that I wouldn’t be resigned to permanently frizzy hair or a lifetime of beanies. No-poo or co-washing as I prefer to call it, is the beauty trend that aims to make hair healthier and more manageable by doing away with often harmful shampoos that chemical strip your hair of moisture. So following the trend I researched what would be the best cleansing conditioner to use. There were plenty of options available but I had criteria already in mind, having frizzy hair doesn’t mean I have low standards.

It had to all-natural, well-tested, and of course, it had to work. It wasn’t long before I found WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner. After doing my homework a bit, I found that unlike some of the other options I was considering, WEN by Chaz had been created and tested by a stylist to celebrities. Chaz Dean the inventor of the life-saving conditioner, was the driving force behind much of the Hollywood starlets I had envied because of their beautiful hair. After one week with the product, I was sold and never turning back. My hair has never been softer or shinier than this in my life.

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Securus Technologies Wants To Expose Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies began their career with the intention of helping inmates. This began with easier ways to make calls. From there, Securus helped inmates get access to video calls and even bank cards. Securus Technologies had no idea they were being prowled on by Global Tel Link, which is a similar company that uses their products in different ways.


Securus Technologies was actually happy that another company was fighting for inmate communication. This all changed when Global Tel Link began spreading false rumors that Securus uses their business to do nothing more than make a profit. Securus is not challenging Global Tel Link to a product fight. This fight will be judged by some of the best minds in the area of inmate communication.


Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link will both show off all their products and how each company differs in their costs.  Securus Technologies has recently released records indicating that they have lost money in the process of advancing products for inmate use. However, they do not care about this. They only care about changing the life of on inmate at a time, and they do this using the best technology on the market today.


This product fight is prepared to start very soon. Securus, when they win, does not want Global Tel Link to do business in any jail that contains Securus products. It’s not that Securus Technologies is afraid, but Securus feels Global Tel Link put them through much harassment. Securus was actually considering filing a formal complaint against them. However, Securus representatives want to spend their time helping inmates connect with their families in various ways. Inmates all over the U.S. are grateful for Securus Technologies.


A Success Story of Todd Lubar in Mortgage Business

Todd Lubar is an outstanding entrepreneur who has managed to build successful businesses that have not only made him proud, but also impacted positively on other people’s lives. Driven by desire for achievement, Lubar quickly amassed experience in real estate, which is pivotal in the management of his business empire. Today, he is the President of TDL Global Ventures, a leader in the real estate industry. Todd launched his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as loan originator. Being a quick learner, he easily grasped the model of conservative mortgage banking, and interacted with a diverse range of clients including financial planners, Real Estate agents, CPA’s, and insurance agents who today are a rich source of customers for his businesses.

According to Instant People Finder, the need for career advancement prompted Mr. Lubar to shift to Legacy Financial Group in 1999 to take up equity role. In 2002, armed with enough experience in real estate business, Mr. Lubar decided to try his hand in business. He launched a residential development firm known as Legendary Properties, LLC.

In 2003, Todd further expanded his business portfolio by founding yet another company, Charter Funding, an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation. Partnering with a giant in the mortgage industry accorded him a wide variety of products and programs, which further accelerated Todd’s success in the mortgage business.

After being in the industry for over a decade, Todd has learned all the market dynamics in the mortgage industry. The knowledge helped him to identify a market gap created by traditional lending mechanisms, prompting him to form Legendary Financial LLC. The company offers alternative lending solutions to individuals and companies locked out of conventional lending.

Between 2007 and 2008, the mortgage industry witnessed significant changes. This forced Todd to adopt new business models in order to stay relevant in the turbulent business world. He established other businesses including Automotive Scrap Metal Recycling and Commercial Demolition.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Lubar has a happy family in Bethesda Maryland.

Todd Lubar Website: