Joel Friant Talks Business

The free market enthusiast and serial entrepreneur Joel Friant has had a successful career and highly enjoys helping other reach the success that they are aspiring to. He not only wants to assist them in their professional lives but also their professional lives as they many times go hand in hand. Joel Friant understands that to be a real success, you must be satisfied with both.


For a short period of time in his career, Joel Friant was involved in home remodeling and also real estate sales. In 1995, he completely changed the direction of his career and got into being a restauranteur. His first foray into the restaurant business involved creating a ‘Fast Food Thai Concept‘ that happened to be the first of its kind in the entire nation. Joel Friant ended up being branded ‘The Thai Guy’ while experimenting with the Habanero Chile Pepper, one of his big passions in his life. It was during his time as ‘The Thai Guy‘ that he developed the Habanero Shaker which became the flagship product of his company. This product sold very well in the Washington State in many of the biggest grocery chains in the area.


After achieving success with the Habanero Shaker, Joel Friant went on to flipping foreclosed homes. Flipping homes is the process of buying distressed homes, rehabbing them, and selling them for a profit. Using his knowledge of real estate, in 2003 Joel Friant took it a bit further and decided to help others including friends and family by getting into the mortgage business where he quickly became the top-selling mortgage agent in his entire office. His success led to him opening up his own branch of a mortgage lending company.


When the real estate market crash happened in 2008 due to the financial crisis that affected the entire nation and many other countries throughout the world, Joel Friant wanted to figure out why some managed to achieve success while others just couldn’t reach it. He became determined to help others and started sharing his knowledge with anyone that wanted to know about it.

AvaTrade Ranks High in Customer Reviews

AvaTrade is a regulated, online Forex broker. It trades in cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and more. Its headquarters are located in Dublin my God, Ireland.


The company was originally named AvaFX when it was founded in 2006. The change in name to Ava Trade was thought to better reflect all of the products and services provided by the company. It is highly rated by its customers.


The following information is a summary of the reviews AvaTrade has received from its customers. It has an overall rating of 4.6 stars. The customers like that the company is regulated, not only in the European Union, but also in Japan, Australia, BVI, and in South Africa. Additionally, they like the option of having 40 currency pairs off the Exchange. Many people agree that it is easy to withdraw their money as needed. Another like expressed in the reviews is that the customer has the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency on bitcoin, as well as on Ethereum, Dash, and on Ripple. They also like that there are more platforms, including for social copy-trading.


The reviewers noted three things they would prefer. They feel that spreads are wide on some fixed offerings and some floating ones. Additionally, they dislike that there is only a medium range of spot forex pair. The third is the fact that there is no proprietary desktop or a web platform.


The website has a dedicated section for education. One example of the topics of discussion is cryptocurrency. There is an increasing interest in cryptocurrencies. The expert financial analysts at AvaTrade will go into detail to better inform their customers. They are frequently offering many investment tips, and tips that every Forex investor needs to know, in order to get the most out of the whole trading experience.


Many resources are available. They research and review historic data, as well as new data as it becomes available. The economic calendar on their website keeps customers abreast of Forex exchange activities. Expert forecasts are provided, and information is updated frequently. The company is dedicated to helping people achieve their investment goals.

Keys to the Success of the Oxford Club

Making smart investment decisions do not have to be an exhausting process if you are a part of a network that helps with customizing your investment portfolio. Even though some people may find hiring an investment broker to assist them with buying their stocks and bonds is okay with them, there are still financial organizations that can take these investments to the next level. Specifically, when a new or veteran trader is looking for financial organizations like the Oxford Club. While this club is made up of expert from at least 100 countries, it is also known for its inclusion of the average private investor who wants to achieve independent financial wealth too. Therefore, for those investors who would like to find out more about how these financial networks can help to support their investment dreams, here is some invaluable information that people should know about being a part of the Oxford Club.



The Average Private Investor Can Sign up for Membership Online

Anytime an investor is interested in this financial club, all they will need to do is look for the official site online. On this site, people who want to become members can sign up based on their personal preference. For instance, for those who may just be getting started with customizing an investment plan, it is important to note that a club is a great option for both new investors and veteran investors alike. This is because most new and veteran investors may want to find an expert that can help in the industry. One which will be focused on protecting their investments. To that end, the first membership option that they may choose is the premier plan since it is the base plan where many people elect start.


Trading Advice — Principles of the Oxford Club

Trading advice is one of the keys to this club’s success since the information and recommendations provided are based on the organization’s set of principles. Because this network is made up of private investors who want to make sure their families have sound financial futures, the basic principles of this club is to protect and build more wealth for those that want to be financially independent.

Securus Technologies Developing Contraband Interdiction Technology To Address the Problem of Contraband Phones’ Use in Prisons

Any company that wants to expand and grow has to develop new technologies, products, and services continually. In the correctional sphere, there are many companies, but one company that stands out regarding innovation and the development of new products and services consistently is Securus Technologies. Just a while back, Securus Technologies was credited with the development of video visitation facility, which enabled the inmates and their families to have video chat sessions. It is a highly helpful service as it allows the family to see their family member who is incarcerated without having to spend time and money to travel to the prison. It also helps the people to stay in contact more.

Securus Technologies is also the company recently developed one of the most advanced contraband interdiction technologies that are available in the market. It is what the company calls the wireless containment solutions. Securus Technologies has developed wireless containment solutions to ensure that the prisons are safer and more secure and that the inmates are not able to use the contraband phones they manage to get smuggled inside the prison. The correctional facilities have tried every means possible to stop the inflow of contraband phones, but due to the existing corruption in many of the prison facilities, the contraband packages somehow manages to get inside the prison.

The problem is that many of the contraband phones that reach inside the prison are not only for communicating with the loved ones for cheap but to use it for illegal communications and controlling a wide range of criminal activities. Securus Technologies has been trying hard for many years to do something about the extensive use of contraband phones in prison, and after years of research and over $40 million in investments, wireless containment solutions was finally developed. The company believes that the wireless containment solutions would ultimately end the menace created by contraband phones in the recent times. When one of the inmates posted a video on the internet that he took from a contraband phone inside the prison, it brought shame to the corrections space and law enforcement agencies. Securus Technologies believes that such incidents would not happen if the wireless containment solution is installed in the correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies has put together the best teams of experts and developers to develop wireless containment solutions. Robert Johnson, a man who spent 15 years as a corrections officer and was shot six times in his house due to his duty of confiscating contraband phones and items, is also on the board of a team that has developed wireless containment solution. With the blessings and approval of FCC, one can hope that hundreds and potentially thousands of correctional facilities across the country would be having the wireless containment solution installed.

Ian King Writes About Blockchain When It Comes To Personal Privacy

Ian King spent his career on Wall Street from the 1990s until 2016. For 10 years he worked for a hedge fund company called Peahi Capital where he was the head trader. Prior to that he had worked for both Citigroup and Salomon Brothers. He decided to walk away from this career because being on Wall Street wears people down with its excesses. Also he grew tired of using his investing skills just to make already wealthy people even more money.

Due to his strong interest in cryptocurrencies, Ian King founded a firm called Intellicoins. This business creates original content designed to help people both understand cryptocurrency and successfully invest in them. He also now works for Banyan Hill Publishing. He was brought into the fold of this company in order to help their readers buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a profitable way. He now offers an advisory service through Banyan Hill Publishing called Crypto Profit Trader. Through this publicationhe offers tips on how to safely store digital coins and which cryptocurrencies to get in on. View This Page for more information.

In a March 2018 article, Ian King described how the technology underlying digital currencies, blockchain, can be used to hide your data from big businesses who want to use it for their own ends. Big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and others are harvesting people’s data to use themselves as well as selling it to whoever wants it. Amazon, for instance, is using your data to anticipate what you will buy next so they can have it ready to ship to you before you even order it. Google Maps, on the other hand, knows where you live and where you work, among other locations, so it can pop up a map of your route before you even open the app.

He says that blockchain technology provides a way to keep your private information private. Blockchain is a decentralized internet where the data is not stored in any centralized location. Ian King says that this means that people who use it have control over their own data. This allows people to use modern technology while also not revealing everything about them to the big tech firms. He points to one project under development called Blockstack which is being designed to apply decentralized principles to areas such as the internet identity system, storage networks, and domain name registry which big tech companies can’t access. Visit:


Paul Mampilly- Founder of Profits Unlimited newsletter

Profits Unlimited newsletter is a financial publication that is owned by the Banyan Hill Publishing, a publishing company located in Florida. American investment guru Paul Mampilly founded the newsletter. Paul Mampilly started the newsletter in 2016 under Banyan Hill Publishing and had since attracted over 100,000 subscribers. The newsletter has gained popularity in the country due to the approach that Paul Mampilly has used. Mampilly targets the majority of Americans who lack a basic understanding of the way the financial sector works. Paul Mampilly has identified this group of people who he refers to as the main Street Americans as his target group. These are people who are ready to invest as long as they can get a reliable person to guide them on the investment journey. See more of Paul Mampilly on Facebook for more updates.

The target group that Paul Mampilly has identified has played a critical role in the expansion of the Profits Unlimited newsletter. The growth has been boosted by the credibility of information that Paul Mampilly avails to the subscribers. He normally recommends stock investments that generate huge profits. His ability to precisely tell the direction various stocks will take has been the hallmark of the newsletter. Investors who do not know how to make investment decisions on their own can now make them with ease since Paul Mampilly is committed to delivering quality investment services to them. Paul Mampilly regularly updates subscribers of this newsletter on the progress of stocks they have purchased.

Each year, Paul Mampilly recommends twelve stocks which he expects to do well. He has designed a system that enables him to pick only the best performers every year. Paul Mampilly as the senior editor of the newsletter has dedicated his efforts to giving quality information that includes entries and exits on various stocks.

Paul Mampilly has a good track record of success in the financial sector. He has experience of close to 20 years. He started his career in this sector in 1991. He has since worked for various business organizations, some of them the biggest financial institutions in the world. Paul Mampilly has worked in the Wall Street as a hedge fund manager for a company known as Kinetics Assets management. As the hedge fund manager, he was responsible for making the company move $6 billion to $25 billion in just one year. The hedge fund was rated as the best in that year. Paul Mampilly left the Wall Street so that he could concentrate on helping the ordinary investor earn money from the sector. Learn more:


The Life and Career of Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the editorial director working at the Banyan Hill Publishing. He lives in Atlanta, GA and has a lot of experience and expertise in his field of work. The specialty of Ted Bauman is in low-risk investment, privacy, international migration and asset protection. In the past, Ted served as a fund manager in some non-profit organizations financing housing projects for people with low incomes. Since he was young, Ted Bauman has always had the passion of assisting other people in achieving their financial independence. He currently pursues this passion through his contributions at the Banyan Hill Publishing. View Ted Bauman’s profile at LinkedIn

The Success of Ted Bauman in the financial world comes from his ability to learn quickly. He also attributes it to the extensive educational background that he possesses. Ted Bauman attended the Cape Town University and earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and history. During his youthful years, Ted Bauman worked minimum wedge jobs at McDonald’s and Burger King. He, however, was able to gather a lot of skills that later helped him in his managerial positions. Ted Bauman also understood that for any organization to thrive, it has to give equal treatment to all employees regardless of their level. He applied this acquired knowledge in every organization that he worked for and always emerged victorious.

According to Ted Bauman, the most fulfilling work in his entire career is to contribute to Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes stories for the publication, and this offers him the opportunity to educate the general public on important issues. Ted Bauman is a skilled writer, and he writes stories that are both appealing and easy to understand to his readers. At Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted leads the Bauman Letter, the Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. Although Ted was born and raised in Maryland, US, he moved to South Africa for professional and academic purposes. It was in South Africa where he was able to advance his studies and pursue what he wanted to become in life.

Ted Bauman was behind the launch of the Slum Dwellers International which is a charity organization. Since its inception, the organization has been able to reach more than 14 million people across 35 nations. Slum Dwellers specializes in offering different solutions to help residents of the slums live lives that are more dignified. Ted Bauman has also worked in the real estate industry where he served in the capacity of a consultant.

Learn more:

Ian King: The Cryptocoin Market Is In A Sea of Red

Ian King, a cryptocurrrency and cryptocoin trader and entrepreneur at Banyan Publishing, recently believed that cryptocoin investors are looking at a sea of red due to the market falling below $350 billion.

Cryptocurrency and cryptocoins are both created by computers and only exist in the virtual world. They are created by blockchain technology. They are not backed by a country and a bank. They are traded on markets and their value is determined by the traders on that market. Refer To This Article for additional info.

King thinks that a person can never really know what causes a sell-off. The current sell-off could have been caused by what was said in the recent past at House subcommittee hearing on initial coin offerings (ICOs). ICOs are when a cryptocoin is first bought and sold on the markets.

At this subcommittee meeting, Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA, said that cryptocoins are a crock and are only popular with guys in pajamas who keep telling their wives that that they will become millionaires. King does not think that this was good for crypto or pajama fans in the world.

Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., a member of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, does feel the same way about crytocurrency. Emmer does not think Congress should try to regulate a technology that it does not understand. All politicians should celebrate a technology that gives people access to more capital. Visit to learn more.

Ian King Banyan believes that Emmer was talking about ICOs, which could be seen as a mixture of venture capital and initial public stock offerings (IPOs). Potential traders pay for the new cryptocoins with other cryptocoins. The most popular coins used to pay for ICOs are Bitcoins or Ethereum. All use blockchain to create the new coins.

In 2017, there was a gold rush in ICOs and they were able to raise about $3.8 billion. This was double the amount that could have been raised by old school venture capitalists. More info can be found at


Felipe Montoro Jens: Eyes on the Future

Felipe Montoro Jens is involved in the auctioning projects such as the Congonhas airport in São Paulo and Infraero’s. Beyond these projects, Jens is said to also be involved in 20 other projects. He has stated that this move in selling and auctioning of various buildings and airports will assist Brazil by broadening the improvement of the infrastructure throughout the country. Felipe met with the federal government in August 2017 to discuss the plans of the development. The entire project is claimed to cost about $44 billion.

Felipe believes that this project is necessary because of technological advancements over the years. He feels that the older buildings should be sold off in order to bring in new and advanced architecture and infrastructure that will make the city safer by protecting people from failing buildings, as well as bring new life to the appearance of the city. Felipe also proposes that the selling of the Mint, where money is created for distribution, is needed because of newer technologies.  Visit This Page for more info.

His project includes stabilizing and securing the projects, legally, all while working closely with the Investment Partnerships Program. He is also involved in the development of an eight-hundred kilometers long highway, located between Comodoro and Porto Velho. This project involves the replacement and renewal of the BR-364. Felipe is proposing that this improvement is projected to be completed at the end of this year, 2018.

There is no guessing that the maneuvers that Felipe Montoro Jens is wanting to go about doing things is in the favor of the people of Brazil. He is looking forward to a brighter future for the country and wants to go about doing what he feels is necessary without being too invasive of the conduction and investments of businesses. Felipe is wanting to improve the city for the years to come and make it compatible with the growing advancements of technology.



Trabucos: Ancient Agents Of Destruction

Trabucos, also called trebuchets, were a fearsome weapon employed long before the invention of gunpowder-filled artillery. Akin to the more familiar catapult, trabucos and the like, may be historically linked to the period of the Middle Ages, however, this war machine dates back much further, 400 B.C China, in fact.

The basic construction of trabuco consisted of a wooden scaffolding-like framework holding a lever and string with a leather pouch or sling to hold the object of propulsion. The sling was lifted with force to hurl large stones a distance. While available rubble may have been common ammunition, history reveals the use of other objects, such as dead bodies and body parts; heads were a favorite for their terrorizing value.

Photos of replicas and drawings, featured on Google images and Wikipedia, depict an impressive piece of architecture. At 60 feet in height, this dizzily intimidating structure must have been a serious instrument of destruction. Images show some to be stationary, others were mobile with wheels. Based on the dimensions and capabilities, the victims of this awesome device were surely cowered by it, survival in doubt.

Originally, called a traction Trabuco, it was operated by many men pulling on attached ropes, applying their weight to create the force needed to propel an object towards the enemy. Eventually, trabuco was adopted by the French during the Dark Ages, 500 A.D.. Encountering some technical limitations, they improved on the original model replacing manpower with a counterweight system, creating what is called a balancing Trabuco. In doing so, this ancient weapon became more powerful, increasing weight capacity, range, and precision. The sling was capable of accommodating a 140 pound payload, or object of propulsion, sending it soaring up to 800 meters according to It penetrated castle walls and enemy fortresses, their destruction coming within days. The device surpassed any other weapon of its time.

Later, during the 13th century, the Arabs perfected the Trabuco even further by increasing the counter weight, which resulted in the ability to cast up to 400 pounds, thereby increasing the potential devastation. Europe used this agent of destruction, occasionally including disease-bearing payloads, until explosive artillery rounds were adopted.