Todd Lubar Explains the Good and the Challenges of Smart Homes

Smart homes are all the craze now, and Todd Lubar is now giving us an analysis of the good and the bad of smart homes. If you look at television shows from just a few decades ago, you will realize that technology has changed tremendously over just a few years. You will see products that really do not make sense it the world of today. Today, there are so many things that people would not even have dreamed of a short while ago. For example, video conferences are not something people would have thought of. However, almost everyone has used Skype or Facetime these days.

The same is with smart homes. They have their good aspects. For example, we are able to make accessibility a real thing. In previous times, accessibility was something that was made for people with disabilities, but it was limited in how much you can do. Today, with the advent of smart technology, you can help people with disabilities gain a lot more access to their homes through things such as remote controlled lighting and voice commands. It does not have to be limited to people with disabilities. Everyone will be able to enjoy the ease of being able to control their home from their smartphone. It is empowering people all across the world, whether they have disabilities or not.

However, smart home technology certainly does have its disadvantages. Actually, these are better described as challenges, says They simply need work to make them better. For example, voice commands have challenges. It is hard enough to get a machine to understand a human voice. It is even harder to get a machine to understand the voice of someone who has a stutter or a child who cannot express themselves very clearly. With a little work, it can be done.

Todd Lubar is the owner of TDL Global Ventures. He has ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators in the country, reveals He has worked in many industries, ranging from entertainment to construction. He has worked in the real estate industry for over two decades and has a lot of experience in mortgage banking.


Securus Technologies – Providing Award Winning Customer Service to Millions of Inmates

One of the award winning companies in the inmate communication sectors is Securus Technologies. The company has made rapid advancements in the last few years in the correctional technology, which has helped Securus Technologies to multiply its revenue multiple times. The clientele of Securus Technologies has been growing at a massive pace in the last few years, and currently, its services reach out to over a million prisoners and 3,400 correctional agencies.


The company has done a lot of research and development in the last few years, which has helped Securus Technologies to develop products and services that the consumers are looking for. Moreover, Securus Technologies has ensured that the prices of its products are kept low. It is essential for the company to keep the prices low as the inmates mostly have budget constraints and highly priced services can never make it far in the correctional industry, where there are many competitors ready to take your business away.


Securus Technologies started its business in the year of 1986, and since then has grown to such a level that today; it is rightly called a company that is pioneering the correctional industry single-handedly. The company recently announced that it had made an investment of over $600 million in the past few years in research and development. Few of the most popular products and services offered by Securus Technologies are phone services, video services, money transfer services, photo sharing services, voice messaging system, e-mail services, and more. Such services are crucial for inmates who are living an isolated life away from their family and friends.


The company also offers efficient investigative services, and it can be seen in the press release published by the corporation recently. In the news release, the company showcased the love and appreciation it has been getting from the law enforcement officers in the form of appreciation letters from them.


Glen Wakeman-A Leadership Role Model

Glen Wakeman is an accomplished finance industry executive who applies his over 21 years experience in driving profitability and market share value for every company that he has been employed, and currently holds the position of Co-Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings.

In collaboration with the executive management team, Glen Wakeman uses a 5 dimension methodology of Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management, and Governance, while creating cutting edge customer support solutions and vision. He also is a mentor in the industry by applying CEO coaching and leadership guidance to other organizations.

Prior to the post of Co-Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman held a number of increasingly responsible roles in executive and general management including CEO of GE Latin America where he was responsible for business development, operations management, and general management of both operations in the U.S. and abroad. He also is responsible for turning the non-compliant banking institution into a streamlined community financial institution.

As a strategist and accessible leader, Glen Wakeman is known for driving growth and profitability with expertise in building and developing a 9 country operation from the ground up. With razor sharp focus, Glen Wakeman has been responsible for increasing the company revenue of GE Capital Latin America from start up to 100 million annually.

Glen Wakeman is known for his project management skills, increasing organizational capacity through streamlining complex processes. It is this reason that Glen Wakeman has been recognized as a Growth Leadership Role Model by his Board of Directors. Whether it be a start-up or an existing organization with 12 billion in assets, he has proven that he can tackle a project of any size.

Glen Wakeman has earned Six Sigma Certification and he earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton.

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Eli Gershkovitch gives an Eye Opener on Great Types of Canadian Craft Beers

It is conventional that Canadians like their beer. Alcoholic drinks popular in Canada include beer and more specifically craft beer which is having a revival in the country. The consumption of beer per person in Canada has gradually dropped while that of craft beer is on its rise.

The graph of Canada’s sales of beer has remained flat over the years whereas the revenue generated from the sale of craft beer has nearly doubled in the country. High-quality beers are being produced by the breweries in the country. Different types of beer are being brewed ranging from creative to traditional, and this has ensured increased demand.


The breweries that deal with craft beer are no longer small as they used to be as they have increased in both size and production. It is a bit challenging to decide on the craft beer bottle to settle for from the variety that is currently present. Canada craft beer has got a guide that answers all the questions arising in the minds of consumers on the different beer bottles. They also allow their customer to make a list of the beer kinds they wish to taste which gives them a chance to discover their new favorites.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli’s motto has been growing to meet demand or demand shrinks and instead meets you (Calgary Herald). Eli Gershkovitch had a year’s break after his graduation from the law school. This break was essential before he indulged himself in his career. He enrolled in art classes where he spent his day while he was busy on weekends investigating on French Alps. He was at the disposal of Belgian beer and also got a chance to tour a small brewery while he went for a trip in Germany to Heidelberg.


His degree in law has been of great use as he at some point worked in the legal licensing of client’s liquor which was a field for him to familiarize with liquor rules. Although the law was a career that was satisfying, Eli Gershkovitch wanted to produce tangible things hence his indulgence in the liquor industry.

Sawyer Howitt Portland Oregon Based Racquetball Player

While not everyone who enjoys the sport of racquetball will find themselves as professional players, there are many things they can do to further their game. If you truly enjoy racquetball and want to take your love of the sport to the next level then you need to stay focused and dedicated. Just as with all sports, practice increases skill set. You cannot expect to simply walk out on the court once a week and play at peak performance. You must practice daily to further your abilities and consider hiring a personal coach to help critique and teach you new techniques to further you’re playing ability.

Just as with all sports, the same motion only works the same muscles. It is a wise decision to work out with a personal trainer a few times weekly to keep your body at peak performance. This will help you feel better and play better when you are participating in racquetball training and playing. Joining a racquetball club and participating in leagues will also help you fine tune your game.

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Even if you follow all of these recommendations you may not find yourself as a pro racquetball player. It is best to not enter sports with the mindset that you will instantly become a professional player, rather play the sports that you truly enjoy and let the game take you to whatever level you can achieve.

Sawyer Howitt is a Portland Oregon based racquetball player. During his time playing he played for men’s singles but has the potential to play for men’s singles, men’s doubles, as well as mixed doubles.

Sawyer Howitt played for the championships with Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships and for the Racquetball Club of Portland. Sawyer Howitt does not hold an official rank with the USA Racquetball profile.

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Ways That Lawyers Can Help Brazilians

The people who are practicing law in Brazil need to make sure that they are doing things the right way and that they are going to be able to make things better for their clients. They know that they will be able to give people the service that they need when they are in different situations and they work very hard to get to the point where they are able to help people out. After lawyers have been able to pass the tests that they need to make sure that they are able to practice, they do what they can to help other people out with the issues that they have in different areas. They can provide them help with criminal and civil suits. They can also provide them with the experiences that they need when they are hoping for advice in the different areas of their businesses and read full article.

All of this is something that people must go to school for over five years to be able to legally do in Brazil. There are many different things that people can do to make sure that they are getting the legal service that is necessary in their field but it is also something that has brought a lot of opportunities to the people who are in those areas. It is something that has made lawyers turn away from working in Brazil but also something that has made Brazilian lawyers enjoy the fact that they are working so much more now than when they used to be able to try different things and what Ricardo knows.

Ricardo Tosto has always been confident in his abilities. He tries to make sure that he is helping people and he always does different things to give the opportunities that his clients need. He is now one of the top lawyers in Brazil and he has helped some of the biggest names in the country. Ricardo Tosto worked hard to get to this point but he also knew that he had to try different things so that he would be able to try new things and show his clients the opportunities they needed and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ Brings More Awareness to Grupo Televisa

     Most people who live in Mexico have heard of Grupo Televisa. That is because it is the number one company for media in the country of Mexico. People who are in Mexico know that the company has been able to help them get what they need and that it has been providing them with all of the options that they need when it comes to their media outlets. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is responsible for this and he knows what it means to be able to try new things so that people can get more out of the situations that they are in. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ also knows that doing all of this will give him the chance to have a better time as an attorney instead of just trying to work as someone who will know the different opportunities without ever being able to bring awareness to the area that he is in.

As an attorney, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ was able to help many different media companies. He worked with companies in both the United States​ and Mexico to try and help them with the issues that they were having. It was a way for him to make things better in his own country and in other countries. Because of this, he was able to get a lot of experience and he knew that this eventually allowed him to be able to expand his reach into the different areas of the media that most people might not have known about otherwise.

Since Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ has been working with Grupo Televisa, he no longer works with other media companies as an attorney. While he still holds his law credentials, he knows that they will help him while he is advising Grupo Televisa on what they should be doing. Because of the options that he has and because of the way that he does things, Grupo Televisa has an attorney on staff that they can use all the time. Since Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ is the vice president, he is not only able to make decisions for the company but is also able to carry those out.

Brazilian Entrepreneur

     Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian businessman in the advertising company. His advertising career started in 1982 as a copywriter. As years went by, he ran a communications industry as well. Gama was the first Brazilian to be the head of a global network and he is the only member of the Publicis Groupe Board that is Brazilian. Gama has earned many accomplishments throughout his life. In the year 2006, Gama was recognized as one of the seven most important skillful people that is from Brazil. During the Cannes Festival,he was known as the first Latin American man to present a Master Class. Four years later, he was on the executive board of ABAP. While he was involved in communications and advertising, Gama was involved in music. In 2014, Alexandre established a Brazilian acoustic guitar project. Gama has been very active and has done a lot for his community and culture.

Julia Jackson: A Francophile Businesswoman In Napa Valley

Julia Jackson has a passion for the wine business. That shouldn’t be too surprising once people realize Jackson was born into one of California’s most successful wine companies: Jackson Family Wines Collection. Julia recalls working hard out in the fields of her parent’s wineries as a young child. She says that this experience of hard work early in life gave her the dedication and determination to make her the successful businesswoman she is today.

After she obtained her BA in Studio Art from Scripps College, Julia Jackson studied at the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management. She then went off to Bordeaux, France, to immerse herself in French wine culture. While in Bordeaux, Julia picked up the Romance language and learned how to make great wine at some of the best wineries in the world.

Studying in France was one of the highlights of Julia’s life. She had such a passion for the French language that she decided to teach French to sixth-graders once she returned to California.

Besides working with the international sales team of Jackson Family Wines, Julia is very proud to have founded the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment nonprofit organization. This nonprofit is concerned with helping female leaders make a difference in their communities. A few of the most recent winners include Yin Myo Su and Dr. Victoria Kisyombe.

Today, Jackson Family Wines has wineries all over the world. In addition to their Napa Valley wineries, Jackson Family Wines works with wineries in France, Italy, South Africa, Australia, and Chile.

Julia was the main inspiration behind Julia’s Vineyard at Cambria Winery. When asked, she sometimes says that the Kendall-Jackson wine from Sonoma County is one of her family’s best products. There are numerous varieties of wines produced by the Jackson Family Wines besides Kendall-Jackson, however. A few names you might be familiar with include Silver Palm, WindRacer, and Champ des Rêves.

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George Soros’ Role in Liberalism

George Soros is a patriotic American and a proposer of the Free World. As the leader of the Free World, the American Society has always propagated ways and means of expanding the free world in its regional access. The man has always been at the forefront of the expansion of the Free World. He fights for its dominance, his weapon of choice being economics, and fiscal dominance.

Born and partly bred in Hungary, the American immigrant of Hungarian descent has reasons to push for the liberalization of the people of the world. He was born into the oppression of the Nazi regime. The Nazi regime had been persecuting Jews for the religion and ethnicity, striving to subjugate them and even ultimately, perpetrating genocide on them. His father had been imprisoned for merely being Jewish. Consequently, Soros flew into New York to seek freedom. He cultivated his sharp mind and ended up living the American dream. True to his roots and his good nature, Soros has ever since been fighting to make America as free as it can get. When the situation demands, the liberal mind also takes on dictatorial regimes by sponsoring amply motivated and strategic lobby groups who use peaceful means to pursue their freedom. Learn more about his profile at

The reason George Soros has always been successful at his liberal endeavors is his in-depth ability and knowledge to amass wealth. He is a brilliant businessman with ages of experience in the stock trading. As a social being with a business mind, the legendary phenom has always been hands on in the Forex trading scene, raking in billions of dollars for him and his business associates. He made history in 1992 when he moved in against the Bank of the United Kingdom, making himself and his investor a profit of one billion dollars and strengthening the American dollar against the British Pound. He had noticed certain trends in the economy of the United Kingdom that demanded constant cash flows for the economy to run smoothly. He persuaded investors to pool ten billion dollars to buy the British Pounds that were urgently needed in circulation. The Bank of the United Kingdom, panicking that their economic activities had ground to a stop, had to repurchase the pounds to oil their activities on the same day. Soros sold them back their own money at a profit of one billion dollars. In just one day, the economist and mathematical phenom had caused the Black Wednesday of the United Kingdom and earned himself a title; The man Who Broke The Bank of The United Kingdom. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros dedicated 5.4 million dollars to organize the Ferguson Protests better. The protests had been an emotional reaction of the Black Community against the extra-judicial shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Since the young man had been unarmed, the shooting had been perceived as racially instigated. The funding improved the efficiency of the protests, leading to police reforms in the Island. Other instances that Mr. Soros has had to intervene to save the situation include the Black Lives Matter Campaigns as well as Colorlines Reporting. The liberal economist, who bears no political ambitions, also weighs in heavily in the policy formations of the Democratic Party. He spent over ten million dollars on the Clinton push for the presidency. He has spent much more, according to Politica and the Washington Times, on other presidential candidates from the Democratic Party.